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Day 81: Zero in Glasgow

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Today I was going to do the 17 mile slack pack into Glasgow, but didnít feel up to it. It was suppose to rain/storm all day so I decided to zero and chill. When I was going through my stuff I realized I didnít have my thru hiker book. I have been using it as a souvenir book. Marking where I camp each night, getting it stamped and getting stickers. I would be so mad and upset to have lost it. I remembered that I got it stamped at the campground yesterday and then to it to the lounge room. I must have left it there. I called and they found it. Instead of having them try to mail it, I took a $25 shuttle to go grab it. Spent the reminder of the day relaxing at the hostel. The bad weather did come in about 6pm. I was glad to not be hiking or camping in that storm. I expect to see a lot of drenched and miserable hikers tomorrow.
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