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Dirk's Rambles

Friday, June 4, 2021, 7 am

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I did a nero (low mileage day) yesterday in order to resupply in Waynesboro, VA. My mileage yesterday was 5 miles. My mileage the day before was 15.8, which was my largest mileage since my shin splint injury. My shin feels a little sore at times but no sharp pain. I am now at mile 864.

They say "the Trail provides." Well the Trail provided me with a physical therapist earlier this week. Her name is Little Bird, who is walking with her boyfriend, Two Tone. Though I have received excellent advise from Charlie at Stanimal Hostel in Glasgow and from my brother, Alex, Little Bird added to that advice. She taught me some additional massages to do. She also encouraged me to continue on the trail, rather than take additional zeros. She confirmed that as long as there is improvement, that I should continue as long as my shin doesn't regress.

I stayed last night in the Waynesboro Stanimals. It is bigger than the Glasgow Stanimals, though it is owned by the same person. Have had a good stay here. Got my resupply done. Ate lunch with Budda, Bad Ass and Jim. Jim is originally from China. Had dinner with TW (Two Weeks) and Bad Ass.

Earlier this week I saw my second bear. I heard it coming down a small hill, then saw it put it's head and shoulders out from behind a tree. It looked at me seemingly asking me "what are you doing in my living room?", then ran off after about 10 seconds and before I could get a picture. Many people have seen different bears during this last stretch. I have also seen more deer in the last several days. My deer count is now up to 11 deer, which is not many for walking 864 miles.

Today I enter the Shenandoah's. Supposedly this is an easier section, though my partner Calves said yesterday that there are still more ups and downs than he expected. I guess I will shortly find out. There has not been an easy section in Virginia yet, though many trail sages have told me how easy Virginia will be. I'll believe it when I see it, or more accurately, when my legs feel it.

I have to register this morning at the entrance of the Shenandoah's. It is a National Park so there are many restrictions and requirements. Still trying to figure all of the rules out. This section is roughly 110 miles, then there is another short section of Virginia that is roughly 48 miles long.
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