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Day 39: Relaxing Day

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Slept well out of the rain. Didnít stick around in the morning and got moving. In terms of resupply the hostel had donuts, chips and ramen. So I need to resupply again to get into Erwin. I could push and get in tomorrow, but itís suppose to rain for 3 days starting Monday and one good day doesnít mean I have my trail legs. So short day to Sams gap it is. Beautiful day, but windy. Took a nice long lunch at the shelter. Ate my 3 bags of chips😒. Got news from Not Sure that he needs to take 5 days off before resuming his hike. Glad I decided to push on and I will see them when I get to Erwin. Got to Sams gap about 2pm to get picked up by Natureís Inn Hostel. Was greeted with some fun Trail Magic. There was a group of hikers dancing and drinking that apparently had been there 3 hours already. Luckily my ride came before I could get sucked into the void. The hostel was nice and quiet. Only a couple other hikers staying there. Chilled out for the rest of the evening. The owner had some homemade pulled pork and sauce that was delicious.
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