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Dirk's Rambles

April 12, 2021, 4:30 pm (continued)

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About 7 pm, it began to pour and storm outside. Then it began to lightening. The rain pounded the tin roof we were under. I could see thru the upstairs window how the high winds were blowing the tents outside of those who couldn't get space inside the shelter. Two of my friends, Supertramp and Little Owl, were in one of the tents. Felt so bad for them. I learned the next morning that a river of rain water ran directly to their tent. About 3 inches deep. Fortunate for them, their tent had 4 inch sides that kept it from getting into their sleeping area. It quit raining around 3 am.

The next morning, April 11, it was not raining. I started packing my things. I ate a Cliff bar and drank some water. I was somewhat concerned about dehydration since I hadn't taken any water since the beginning to the 5.5 mile climb the day before. So I was mindful to drink a lot of water this day.

I didn't know whether it was coincidence or due to dehydration but I got lost off the trail twice in the morning of this day. The only times I have gotten lost so far on this trek. Note to self: drink more water and be mindful of every intersection.

April 10th on Roan Mountain was the toughest climb on the trail yet, no question. However, on April 11, Hump Mountain at over 5,200 feet was also difficult. It was a bald (no trees) and was straight up that lasted a long time. The climb down from Hump Mountain was also long and over some rough rock. Eventually I made it to Mountain Harbor Hostel.

Mountain Harbor has the best breakfast on the trail, no question! Their food truck in the evening is also very good.

I'll be here until Theresa picks me up on the 14th for 10 days (12 days total) off the trail. I need these days off! I walked 75.6 miles from April 6-11. Some of them the toughest miles yet. My body needs a rest.
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