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Dirk's Rambles

Thursday, April 8, 1:10 pm

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Taking a zero in Erwin, TN today with Brad Servey. He surprised me on Tuesday April 6 by showing up in the parking lot at Sam's Gap after Natures Inn dropped me off in the morning. Neither of us recognized the other. I thought he looked alot like Brad when I saw him but still thought he could not be Brad. He was driving a car for one thing and the last I heard Brad was still hiking the trail. I even looked at him and gave him a thumbs up.

Brad recognized me first by my PSU hat. He told me he was leaving the thru hike but was still going to hang around the area for a few days. It was a nice surprise to see him! So he hiked with me to the top of Big Bald (5,516). He witnessed me being initiated into the Little Hotties Club by Stew. The criteria- hike 100 miles with the Hotties and have no job. Then he headed back to his car. I continued on to No Business Knob Shelter for a total of 18.3 miles.

My total miles for the past 7 days is 104.1 miles, averaging 14.87 miles per day.

Brad was waiting for me at Erwin with a beer and a sandwich at 10:30 am. So good to see! That was yesterday. Today we are taking a zero, trying to get some rest as well as get caught up with my electronic journaling.
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