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Dirk's Rambles

Tuesday, March 23, 2021, 8:15 am

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A long day on the trail. Got up at 6:15 am, began packing and hit the trail at 7:30 am. Hoped to cover over 15 miles today so I only have to walk 5 or 6 miles on Wednesday morning. I was the first one up and the first one out of camp.

Since Brad stayed at least 2 miles up the trail, I had some catching up to do. I caught up with him at about mile 6 where some trail magic at Stecoh Gap. A guy was making egg and cheese sandwiches there. Brad was waiting. The trail magic was really good, along with Poweraid, ,cookies, candy. It was at NC 143 (route).

After lunch at the trail magic spot, we began climbing Jacob's Ladder about 1 mile from the road. It went up and up, never ending. I tried to look up the altitude in my AT book but it didn't list the mountain.

We did climb a 5,062 ft. mt.- Cheoah Bald just out of camp. It was a challenge as well.

Brad and I walked together most of the afternoon. He was wiped out from his climb and hike the day before. Near the end, I went out ahead and got to the shelter. There were only 2 people (Andy and Claudia) at the shelter so there was room for me.

Andy and Claudia (Supertramp and Little Owl respectively) are an interesting story. They met in Guatemala while Andy was in process of sailing around South America. He sold his boat and was traveling the interior of the continent. He met Claudia as they both were caving in Guatemala. At some point soon after they started their relationship. Claudia told Andy she wanted to hike the AT and he said he would like to join her. Claudia is a Guatemala native but now lives in Ohio.

Colleen, Elizabeth and Two Fer soon came to the shelter. Two Fer gave me a beer that she had carried up. So grateful!
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