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Dirk's Rambles

Wednesday, March 17, 2021, 7 pm

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We hit the trail again yesterday in the midst of a steady rain. I found out quickly that my packable Goretex jacket and pants are shot. I got soaked to the bone. I feel fortunate that it wasn't any colder than it was. if it would have been another 5 degrees colder, it could have been a hypothermia situation for me.

We crossed into North Carolina yesterday. Our second state! We also climbed Courthouse Bald, a mountain that stands 4,690 feet, maybe the highest we climbed until today.

Was fortunate enough to sleep in a shelter last night. Was especially good because I could put on dry clothes and sleep in a dry bed. I woke up fairly refreshed. Brad wanted to sleep in his tent. I think sleeping in a shelter is too loud for him. Didn't spend much time with him yesterday. He wanted to stop, dry out his tent.

I climbed Standing Indian Mountain at 5,410 feet. It wasn't the most challenging mountain because of the switchbacks the whole way up. It was a beautiful view at the top.

It was clear this morning when I woke with no rain. It rained off and on in the afternoon. As I am writing this, it is pouring down rain. I am in the Carter Gap Shelter, at mile 93.5.

Tomorrow we will try to make it to Franklin. It will be a 16 mile hike for me and a 14 mile hike for Brad.
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