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Section Hike: Deer Lick Shelter - Antietam Shelter - Appalachian Trail Pennsylvania

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This was a nice 15 mile in and out to complete this small section of trail between Pen Mar and Tumbling Run Shelter. I parked on the small, but very nice, parking on PA 16 just a couple miles North of Pen Mar and started North on the AT from there. There is a nice stream, picnic bench, and a nature trail located at that parking area. Goal for the day was to hike North up to Tumbling Run Shelter and stay overnight at one of the other shelters on the way back. I did manage to meet up with through hiker “Grumpy” at Old Forge Park. He got an early start and had made significant progress by early morning. I continued North to my goal while he went South. We met up again later at Deer Lick Shelter After seeing how wet Deer Lick shelter area was and weedy/buggy Antietam Shelter was, it was agreed to continue South of PA 16 to a primitive campsite at Falls Creek Footbridge. This was an outstanding camping area with plenty of nice flat tent sites. There is no privy here. Also, I’d say to beware of the water. The local trail angel we met at Pen Mar mentioned the Winebrenner Treatment Plant is just upstream of the campsite and there is likelihood of waste overflow in rainy conditions like we’ve had lately. He mentioned the “issues” were supposedly fixed a couple years ago. Treat your water well! The next morning I hiked the short distance to Pen Mar and called it a day.
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