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VTS Shell

Shell Station in Atkins, VA

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Hey everyone, First of all my name is Newman I own the shell station in Atkins, Va. Just wanted to share few things with you and ask you few things. First of all I want to thank everyone of you who came by and recomended me this site. I want to let you guys know that We have showers at the station and resturant as well now. I am working on getting a premit so I can have camp place at the property as well so you don't have to goto the motel and waste that money. Here is the Question I want to ask What kind of food items I should carry so that I can save you guys a trip to the town? Please give me suggest how I can be a help to you in any way?
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  1. PeeWee2's Avatar
    Anything freez dried, the lighter to carry the better, ramen noodles, cheese crackers and peanut butter crackers, pre packaged mountain meals from wal-mart in the camping section, beef jerky, foil packs of tuna, breakfast bars, packs of flavored oatmeal.....things like that!!!
  2. lstawick's Avatar
    Cannister fuel is a big one.