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Troll's 2010 AT Journal

Trail name [PRE HIKE]

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When I retired from the Navy and got involved in the AT community I had not received a trail name. On one of my hiking trips I was sitting at a shelter one evening and talking to some thru hikers about how they got there trail name. One was retired Air Force. He looked at me and said you should be called Navy. They called me Navy for the remainder of the night and into the next morning. When we departed our ways I was walking with my friend and told him that I do not want to have the trail name of Navy. I decide I better pick a name for myself before someone picked one for me that I did not like and it was stuck with me. For the remainder of the morning while I was hiking I tossed around some names. I came up with the name Troll because that was what some people had called me in the navy. There twisted my last name out of proportions and came up with Troll. I figured what better name to have then one I had already been known as. I ran into a problem when I tried to log onto some webs site with the name Troll. It was either already take or not aloud. The name Troll in the web community is not known as a good name. I had to come up with a different variation of the name. Since I was gung ho about the Appalachian Trail I took the abbreviation for it and added it to the beginning of Troll making my web name Attroll. On the trail or anywhere else outside of the web I am know as Troll.
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