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    The PCT in sections

    Thread Starter: Nanatuk

    I'm starting to form a plan to tackle the PCT in three sections. I originally wanted to do it all in one go, but over the last few months realized that

    Last Post By: JNI64 Today, 01:07 Go to last post

    Any overweight female hikers here?

    Thread Starter: Therapy

    I have been overweight my whole life, but still fairly active. I'm currently 49, 5'5" and 225 lbs. I've been working really hard to condition for

    Last Post By: Birthright Today, 01:00 Go to last post
    V Eight

    Washing long hair on the trail

    Thread Starter: V Eight

    Please forgive the intrusion by a guy, but I can't seem to find a solid answer.

    My hair is fairly thick and well past my shoulders. I've

    Last Post By: Birthright Today, 00:56 Go to last post

    Dealing w/ periods on the trail?

    Thread Starter: andsoshewalks

    It just so happens the past three times I've gone backpacking, I've been on my period every single time :/ It is extremely frustrating to deal with and

    Last Post By: Birthright Today, 00:48 Go to last post

    Looking for a thru-hiking partner: March 2021

    Thread Starter: patentpending

    Hello, I'm Meredith. I'm currently a junior in high school (16) and I plan on graduating Dec of 2020 and thru-hiking the AT (northbound) starting in March

    Last Post By: Birthright Today, 00:29 Go to last post

    Sleeping bag ratings

    Thread Starter: wolfywolfy

    I am wanting to purchase a feathered friends sleeping bag for a potential thru hike and I am going back and forth between the 10 degree Petrel and the

    Last Post By: Birthright Today, 00:26 Go to last post