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    Published on 03-06-2017 18:03

    Dear Thru -Hikers,

    This year the AMC Campsite Program is excited to roll out a Thru-Hiker Pass program. Geared toward any traditional North bounder, South bounder or section hiker this pass offers a handsome discount through the AMC campsites in the White Mountains. After you spend your first night at one of our sites, every site after that is 50% off at $5.00 a night. Whether youíre crushing it through the Whites and only end up staying at 3 sites or taking your time over the rough terrain and stay at all 9 sites, this pass offers a significant discount. Not to mention with the purchase of the pass you will receive a punch card for two free baked goods and a free bowl of soup redeemable at any AMC hut. Need a headlamp? Extra batteries? By presenting the card at any hut or AMC Trading Post you will receive 10% off any merchandise. In the AMC campsite program we never turn anyone away so you will always have a place to stay at the site, guaranteed. At each site we have bear boxes to store food, durable flat camping areas and a reliable water source. When talking with past thru hikers we realize there are challenges the thru hiker community faces and we hope this pass will mitigate some of those struggles. This pass can be purchased at any of our sites along the AT. When it is time for the caretaker to register you for the night, just mention you are a thru hiker and you will be given the pass. First night is standard pricing at $10.00 and every night after that is 50% off at just $5.00.

    by Published on 01-10-2017 17:14
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    How to Hike the Appalachian Trail (for Beginners)

    Thinking about thru-hiking the AT? Here is a crash course
    Published on 12-30-2016 00:11
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    (Almost) Light as a Feather: Binoculars Under 10 Ounces
    In this age of multi-tasking, miniaturization, and more gearthan ...
    Published on 11-02-2016 22:06
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    Please go to the facebook page Bring Kris Fowler/Sherpa Home, or username tag /u/dummey in a comment here, if you have any helpful information on his potential whereabouts or want to help in anyway. I am not affiliated with the search, but thought I'd broaden the audience to increase the chances of useful info.

    Update1 (31/10 11:24AM PST): Yakima County Sheriff, Sgt Briscoe taking lead in investigation. Helicopters and hikers being sent out by them shortly.
    Update2 (1/11 9:07AM PST): Fox45now article. Q13FOX video
    Sherpa's belongings were searched at the hotel in Packwood, as he had left them in a trailer he was staying in without permission (?), he said he was just cold. Cops ran his ID and found nothing wrong, and the kind owners of the trailer ended up feeding him that lunch and night, gave him hotel room for the the night, asked him to stay another night, but he left the next morning. He mentioned he was hitching to Cracker Barrel and then hiking to Snoqualmie. He also had the intention of going to Goodwill for warmer clothes.
    Published on 10-17-2016 16:15
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    Ultra light 101: Itís All In Your Head
    By: Maggie Wallace

    My trail crew had hauled in 70-pound packs to this desert 200 miles from the Northern terminus of the Pacific Crest Trail. It was on this trip, while we worked in a particularly arid day, that I had my first experience with an ultra light hiker. We had noticed a figure moving towards us through the heat. He was wearing tennis shoes and clothing that hung in tatters, and his pack appeared to be a childís school bag, held together with duct tape. His eyes were wild as he asked us where the next spring was so he could fill the single water bottle he carried. Explaining that he planned to reach Canada ...
    Published on 09-24-2016 10:45
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    Preparing to hike the Appalachian Trail
    ďThe LongingĒ
    Virginia Beach, Virginia 1/3/2015

    It started with By: Lillie A Stack
    jealousy of my sonís freedom. He and his friends grabbed the freedom to explore Europe, to be free from responsibility for a small time. I had never had that much freedom and I wanted it.

    Three years ago my son Nick and his friend Alex decided they were going to walk Spainís El Camino de Santiago, a Christian pilgrimage thousands of people begin each year from popular starting
    by Published on 09-04-2016 18:36
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    I am happy to report that Patrick Flaherty has been located along the AT, somewhere in Roanoke, VA. The family has contact WhiteBlaze ...
    by Published on 05-19-2016 19:33

    The St Mary of the Assumption Church Hostel in Cheshire, Massachusetts is no longer able to provide services for hikers in their parish hall due to programming demands and insurance requirements. Please pass this word along.

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