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  • 2021 WhiteBlaze Pages, A Complete Appalachian Trail Guidebook in the works and ready soon

    I have been updating information for the upcoming 2021 edition of WhiteBlaze Pages: An Appalachian Trail Guide Book, and adding several new features, and sections to the book.

    • Iíve added a larger, prominent icon to help the reader quickly identify the primary service offered by an establishment.
    • Smaller icons identify additional services offered by the establishment.
    • Iíve added a listing of all Appalachian Trail hostels with their distance from the nearest AT trailhead.
    • Iíve added a resupply reference section to assist your pre-hike planning.
    • Included a completely revised and updated shuttle provider listing, formerly published by the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC).

    Presales will open up very soon, for those that are interested.

    Here are the answers to some of the questions received from hikers:

    Q Ė Will you go to a guide with all-color pages?
    A - I had considered going to an all-color version of the guide, but I felt that it would not add any significant value to the usefulness of the guide. It would actually make the information in the guide harder to read in low-light conditions, as well as reduce its readability for a color blind individual. Additionally, color printing would raise the expense of printing of the guide, a cost that would have to be passed on to the buyer.

    Q Ė When will the 2021 edition of the guide be available for purchase?
    A Ė My target date for shipping the guide is December 15th, or sooner, but no later than Christmas Day.
    If the Covid virus pandemic is brought under control, or eliminated by the development of effective vaccines, I believe that the 2021 hiking season will be a record year for hikers on the Appalachian Trail

    The WhiteBlaze Pages guide book will be the go-to source of accurate, up-to-date essential information for hikes of any length on the Appalachian Trail.

    I am always open to ideas, suggestions, or valid criticisms, which will help me to improve the usefulness of the guide. Please feel free to send me a private message, or email with your views.
    Comments 4 Comments
    1. Kaptainkriz's Avatar
      Kaptainkriz -
      Looking forward to it!
    1. rsully's Avatar
      rsully -
      You got me with the Hammock icon! Will there be a PDF version available for 2021?
    1. Ancient Diver's Avatar
      Ancient Diver -
      A digital version would be so very useful. I would pay a premium for an Android version.
    1. Silver_springs77's Avatar
      Silver_springs77 -
      Good afternoon. I ordered mine on December 12 and still have not received it. I know that shipping has been crazy, but just wanted to let you know. Really looking forward to reading it and slowly planning my thru hike foe ďsomedayĒ
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