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  • Getting to Katahdin, Baxter State Park, Maine

    Getting to Baxter State Park, Maine
    No public Transportation available to or from the Park but arrangements can be made for the beginning or end of your hike. For those beginning their hike at Katahdin this usually means going thru Boston, Portland and / or Bangor, then to Medway, and then to Millinocket; which is still 24 miles south of the park.

    From Bangor: Cyr Bus Lines of Old Town, ME, (800) 244-2335, (207) 827-2335, (207) 827-2010, www.cyrbustours.com, [email protected]. Serves northern Maine.

    Medway to Millinocket: Hitch on Maine 27 or call a taxi to go to Millinocket, 10 miles to the west or Baxter State Park, about 30 miles away. Katahdin Taxi, (207) 723-2000, Su-Th 6am to 1:30am, F-Sa 6am-2am., provides rides to Millinocket, Baxter State Park gate and to Katahdin Stream Campground.
    For information on lodging and facilities near Baxter State Park in Medway and Millinocket contact BSP, 64 Balsam Dr., Millinocket, ME 04462, (207) 723-5140.

    For those ending their hike at Katahdin: A hitch can usually be had from the park to Millinocket as most folks leaving the park need to go thru Millinocket.
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    1. grysmn's Avatar
      grysmn -
      According to the Thru Hikers Manual the taxi to Katahdin is out ot business
    1. raftman's Avatar
      raftman -
      I know I posted my info somewhere but I don't see it in the shuttle listing. I will shuttle or pick-up anywhere in Maine. I can do re-supply mail drops or most any other service hikers may be looking for. I have two vans 10p & 15p so large groups such as scouts are not a problem. I live in Millinocket but my business is in Medway an easy walk from the bus station. I have several people that will drive for me so short notice for the most part is no problem. My e-mail for those that may have questions is [email protected] & my web site is www.mainequestadventures.com. If you prefer to get your info the old fashion way by phone use the second number listed on my web site (207)447-5011 (cell). The business phone is off for the winter.
    1. Dane's Avatar
      Dane -
      Thanks you guys for this very helpful information. I am in the process of organizing a trip for my scout troop, and this is some great stuff to know about. I am really excited about this trip, I think the boys will absolutely love it!
    1. Quadzilla's Avatar
      Quadzilla -
      I provide shuttles, accomodations and mid-wilderness resupply from my home in Monson. www.100milewilderness.info
    1. chillinhiker's Avatar
      chillinhiker -
      Shaw's Lodging in Monson, Maine, is a full-service stop on the Appalachian Trail.

      Shaw's offers rooms, tenting, hot showers, hot meals, shuttle service, internet, and many other services for hikers. Whether you're a Northbounder or Southbounder, Thru-Hiker or Section Hiker, you are welcome at Shaw's Lodging, On the Edge of the Hundred Mile Wilderness.

      ALL YOU CAN EAT Breakfast $7.00 !!!!

      Shuttles available all over the state!!! We specialize in the Wilderness, providing food drop service, slackpacking, and emergency pick-up service at reasonable prices and according to your schedule. We know all the access points between the base of Katahdin and Gorham, NH, so give us a call and let us know what your needs are!

      Internet Service

      We have free internet service available for our guests.
    1. chillinhiker's Avatar
      chillinhiker -
      Quote Originally Posted by grysmn View Post
      According to the Thru Hikers Manual the taxi to Katahdin is out ot business
      Call Dawn =)
      Shaw's Lodging in Monson, Maine, is a full-service stop on the Appalachian Trail.
      with a ALL YOU CAN EAT Breakfast $7.00 !!!!

      free internet service available as well!
    1. oleman06's Avatar
      oleman06 -
      The At Lodge provides all shuttle services in the Katahdin region. we pick up in Bangor, Greyhound at Dysart's in Hermon, Medway, BSP, Slackpack the Wilderness,and shuttles to and from Monson Trailhead. We have many years of experience in hiker services including the Hiker Hostel in Georgia.I also provide shakedown service, ( Less is Best ).The At Lodge will also be opening in 2013 The Ole Man's Outfitter Service.Backpacking and camping supplies.The AT Cafe' has had it's Grand Opening for the NEW Trail Connection Cafe', above the restaurant. All hikers who have completed their thru-hikes or section hikes of the whole trail, stop in the restaurant to sign our ceiling tiles, and while your at it, see if you can conquer the Summit Sundae Challenge. Contact Ole Man for more info. and reservations for the Lodge, Shuttles,and other services available. Happy Trails
    1. Quadzilla's Avatar
      Quadzilla -
      With over 35 years of Trail experience, including 3 thru-hikes of the AT; 100 Mile Wilderness Adventures and Outfitters, located in Monson, ME is the place that services the needs of all thru-hikers and section hikers. Nobody knows more about the Trail than I do. I am a long time Volunteer with the MATC and helped build many of the new shelters, as well as helped relocate much of the Trail throughout Maine. I pick up directly in Bangor and Baxter and provide clean, comfortable and quiet accommodations in Monson. My "no hassle" guarantee gets you on and off the Trail as needed. Check out www.100milewilderness.info
    1. Coosa's Avatar
      Coosa -
      I'm nearly finished with the Schedule which I will probably abandon upon setting foot on the Appalachian Trail ... per another thread. But this has given me some additional information to make my hike easier.

      WHEN does one make the arrangements for the Food Drops in the 100 Mile Wilderness? When one gets to Monson or sooner?

      Thanks, Coosa
    1. Arden's Avatar
      Arden -
      This thread needs an update:
      I am planning a SOBO thru-hike starting sometime between mid June and mid July. I will be taking Amtrak from NYC to Bangor (combo of train and bus of course). So what are the best options for getting to Baxter Park; I would rather pay for a ride than to hitch.