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  • Missing PCT hiker

    Please go to the facebook page Bring Kris Fowler/Sherpa Home, or username tag /u/dummey in a comment here, if you have any helpful information on his potential whereabouts or want to help in anyway. I am not affiliated with the search, but thought I'd broaden the audience to increase the chances of useful info.

    Update1 (31/10 11:24AM PST): Yakima County Sheriff, Sgt Briscoe taking lead in investigation. Helicopters and hikers being sent out by them shortly.
    Update2 (1/11 9:07AM PST): Fox45now article. Q13FOX video
    Sherpa's belongings were searched at the hotel in Packwood, as he had left them in a trailer he was staying in without permission (?), he said he was just cold. Cops ran his ID and found nothing wrong, and the kind owners of the trailer ended up feeding him that lunch and night, gave him hotel room for the the night, asked him to stay another night, but he left the next morning. He mentioned he was hitching to Cracker Barrel and then hiking to Snoqualmie. He also had the intention of going to Goodwill for warmer clothes.

    Last Contact: 10/12/16 (White Pass Mini Market Cracker Barrel)
    Credit card was used three times in Packwood on Oct 12th and nothing since. Hardware store , ISPS and Tatoosh.
    Travel Plans: Heading solo to Snoqualmie Pass on the PCT
    Phone: Malfunctioning, but it's being pinged today cell phone charger was not working (no activity during past week per ping records).
    SPOT/InReach: Update: Spot was never activated.
    Gear: Raincoat: Black (Brand?)
    Pack: ULA Catalyst orange and black
    Shoes: Chacos with yellow/brown straps Update (1/11): May be wearing tennis shoes
    Tent: Big Agnes Fairview (fly is gray a with large panel of yellow, body is brown and tan)
    Trekking Poles: none (he doesn't use them)
    Resupply: No one in the Snoqualmie Pass area has been able to confirm that Kris might have been there. All packages at the Chevron are gone and we don't know return address if they were returned. Same with Skykomish. They've checked with Summit Inn and the Aardvark has not seen him and he did not sign the register.
    Search: The Ulrich Cabin has been checked. Hikers are organizing search now via the Packwood Inn. Contact Kimberly for details (360-508-5631). She is offering free rooms to hikers out searching. Three lifelong locals, and very experienced hikers, are leaving now (10/30) out of Packwood and are going to take the same Trail Kris left on and follow to Snoqualmie Pass.
    SAR: Yakima County Sheriff issued an official missing persons report and starting their own investigation as of 10/30/16