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  • Lambert's Meadow Shelter and Campground closed due to Problem Bear activity

    Lambert's Meadow Shelter and Campground closed due to Problem Bear activity
    (5/11/16) Due to problem bear activity around Lamberts Meadow Shelter and Campsite, including a bear coming into the shelter and taking hikers' food bags, Lambert's Meadow Shelter and Campground are closed. If necessary, hikers may use a temporary designated campsite that has been established just south of Hay Rock, and marked with a sign. No fires! Hay Rock is 5.4 miles north of Lamberts Meadow Shelter, and 4 miles south of US-220 in Daleville. Lamberts Meadow is the only reliable water source between Campbell Shelter and Tinker Creek near Daleville. Hikers camping near Hay Rock should bring sufficient water.
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    1. Singto's Avatar
      Singto -
      Why are there food bags in the shelter? This a typical result of lazy, rules don't apply to me, hikers. There's rules on the trail for a reason. As usual, the dimwits of the world are causing chaos in the world for everyone else.
    1. LittleRock's Avatar
      LittleRock -
      Just checked the ATC website - Lambert's Meadow shelter and campsite have reopened as of 7/13. Trail crews have installed bear cables to hang food near the shelter. Thunder Hill shelter in VA had been temporarily closed as well due to bear activity, and it has also reopened.
    1. rampli's Avatar
      rampli -
      Lamberts meadow, campbell, and catawba shelters all have bear proof food lockers installed now.
    1. LoneRidgeRunner's Avatar
      LoneRidgeRunner -
      Well..What do the lazies expect when they have food in the shelter? This is the kind of crap that causes "problem bears"! The "problem" is hikers too lazy to hang their food bags!
    1. Majortrauma's Avatar
      Majortrauma -
      Damn bears are too lazy to hunt real food so they stalk lazy hikers and their food bags.