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  • Resuppling within one miles from the Appalachian Trail for a thru hike

    I found an old outdated article on another web site that was three years out of date. There were places that were closed or no longer accepted mail drops. The article was in need of being updated. I thought it would be a good idea to put one together and post it here.

    This resupply list was created, keeping a few things in mind.

    1. It was based on 15 mile hiking days.
    2. List places that you could either resupply by mail drops or at stores with good hiker supplies.
    3. Wanted to list all resupply points where hikers were able to resupply within 1 mile of the Appalachian Trail and keep their resupply options between 4 and 5 day, whenever possible.
    4. Tried to keep it so that only five days worth of food or less would need to be carried.
    5. Keep the listing of areas at a minimum, bare minimum.
    6. Wanted to list other resupply options for sections where you could not resupply at points within one miles from the Appalachian Trail, but wanted to keep your pack to fives days or less worth of supplies.

    All the resupply points that are within one mile of the Appalachian Trail are highlighted in yellow. In the column titled "Next Town", this will list how many days it is until you can resupply at the next location within one mile of the Appalachian Trail (based on 15 mile days).

    There are places that you may not want to carry more then five days worth of food. For those section you will have to travel more than one mile from the Appalachian Trail to resupply. I added another column titled "Other Town Options". This will list other options that you can use to keep your pack down to five days worth of food. These are highlighted in orange (based on 15 mile days).

    The listing is of places you can resupply by mail drops or at towns that offer adequate resupplies for food. There are many more towns and mail drops locations that could have been listed but I wanted tried to keep it short and sweet.

    From the AT mileages from the year 2016. It is still pretty accurate.

    Updated: 10/14/18 Untitled 1
     Miles Post,
    from trail
    Town or buisness Mail drop or where to buy Next
    Other Town
    More than 1 mile from AT
    0.0   Amicalola Falls State Park (Springer Mountain), GA Buy in Atlanta 0  
    31.7 0 Neels Gap, GA Mail to Mountain Crossings 3  
    52.9 9 E Helen, GA Mail to Post Office,  M–F 9–12:30 & 1:30-4, Sa 9-12 or buy at  Betty's Country Store, Su-Th 7-8, F-Sa 7-9    
    52.9 12 E Hiawassee, GA Mail to Post Office, M-F 8:30-5, Sa 8:30-12 or buy or shop Ingles    
    69.6 0.5 W Dicks Creek Gap, GA Mail to Top of Georgia Hostel 5  
    109.8 10 E Winding Stair Gap, GA Mail to to Post Office, M-F 8:30-5, Sa 9-12 or buy at several grocery stores    
    137.3 0 Nantahala Outdoor Center, NC Mail to NOC Outfitters 7 1-2 to Fontana Village
    164.7 2 W Fontana Village, NC Mail to Post Office, M-F: 11:30-3:45 or buy at General Store,  Mar
    10 thru Thanksgiving
      2-3 Newfound Gap
    207.1 15 W Newfound Gap. Gatlinburg, TN to the west Mail to NOC Great Outpost, Open 7 days 10-9, (Jan-May 10-6) or buy at Old Dad's General Store   2 to Standing Bear Farm
    240.6 0.1 W Standing Bear Farm, TN Mail to Standing Bear Farm or small resupply choices available 2-3  
    273.7 0 Hot Springs, NC Mail to Post Office, M-F 9-11:30 & 1-4, Sa 9-10:30 or buy at Hillbilly Market or Bluff Mountain Outfitters, daily 9-5 2  
    290.0 0.7 W Hemlock Hallow Mail to Hemmlock Hollow
    Under new ownership.
    There is $5 fee is you don't spend the night.
    342.1 0 Erwin, TN Mail to Uncle Johnny’s Nolichucky Hostel 5  
    418.2 0.3 W Dennis Cove Rd Mail to Kincora Hiking Hostel 3-4  
    426.8 2.6 W Hampton, TN Buy at Browns Grocery, M-Sa 8-6, closed Sunday    
    468.5 0 Damascus, VA Mail to Post Office, M-F 8:30-1 & 2-4:30, Sa 9-11 or buy at Food City,  7 days 5  
    543.8 0 Atkins, VA Mail to Relax Inn. There is $5 fee is you don't spend the night. 4-5  
    589.9 4 E Bland, VA Mail to Post Office, M-F 8:30-11:30 & 12-4, Sa 9 -11 or buy at Grants Supermarket,  M-Sa 8-8, Su 10-6    
    623.5 0.5 E Sugar Run Gap, VA Mail to Woods Hole Hostel
    There is $5 fee is you don't spend the night.
    634.6 0.9 E Pearisburg, VA Mail to Post Office, M-F 9-4:30, Sa 10-12 or buy at Food Lion, 7-11 4-5  
    707.7 1 W Catawba, VA Buy at Catawba Grocery 1-2  
    729.0 0 Daleville, VA Buy at Kroger Grocery, 24 hr 10-11 3-4 to lasgow
    784.3 5.9 W Glasgow, VA Buy at Glasgow Grocery Express, M-Sa 6-11:30pm,
    Su 8-1130pm
      5 to Waynesboro
    861.3 3.7 W Waynesboro, VA Buy at Martin's, Wal-mat, Target   1-2 to Loft Mountain
    889.3 0 Loft Mountain Campground, VA Buy at Campstore, Open May 4-Oct 30 2  
    915.0 0.1W Lewis Mountain Campground, VA Buy at Campstore, Open May 4-Oct 30
    Has freeze dried meals, candy, sandwiches, beer, soda, and most anything a hiker could need
    923.8 0 Big Meadows, VA Buy small resupplies at Big Meadows Wayside, Open Mar 25 - Nov 13 4  
    969.1 3.5 W Front Royal Buy at Food Lion, Martins    
    1002.6 0.2 E Bears Den Mail to Bears Den.
    Don’t open the store until 5pm so you can’t technically pick them up until 5. A lot of times we are on site all day so if that person let’s us know that they have a drop we will open up and let them get it early.
    We stock the basics, tuna, pasta sides, instant potatoes, oatmeal, crackers, snickers, cliff bars etc.
    1016.8 0.3 E Keys Gap Mail to or buy at  Sweet Springs Country Store, M-Sa 4am-11pm, Su 7am-11pm 1  
    1023.1 0 Harpers Ferry, WV Buy at General Store or The Outfitter 6  
    1054.0 1.5 W Smithsburg, MD Buy at Food Lion, daily 7-11    
    1066.6 1.2 E Waynesboro, PA Buy at Wal-mart and others    
    1121.0 0 Boiling Springs, PA Buy at Karn's Quality Foods,  Daily 7–10 1-2  
    1029.0 5.0 E Mechanicsburg, PA But at Wal-mart 4.6E, Gaint Food 4.3E, Wegmans 5.4E    
    1146.6 0 Duncannon, PA Buy at Mutzabaugh’s Market,  open 7 days 6am-10pm 4.5  
    1217.2 0 Port Clinton, PA Mail to Post Office, M-F 12:30-4:30, Sa 8-11 4  
    1257.3 1.5 W Palmerton, PA Buy at Country Harvest,  8am-9pm 7 days    
    1277.5 1.0 E Wind Gap, PA Buy at K-Mart, Gaint Food Store  24hr 1  
    1293.0 0 Delaware Water Gap, PA Mail via FedEx/UPS to Edge of the Woods Outfitters, Open 7 days 2-3  
    1335.7 0 High Point State Park, NJ Mail to High Point State Park Headquarters, open M-Sa 8-8 1  
    1345.6 0.5 W Unionville, NY Buy at Horler's Store, M–Sa 6–8, Su 7–7 7-8 3-4 to Fort Montgomery
    1403.2 1.8 W Fort Montgomery, NY Mail to Post Office, M-F 8-1 & 2:30-5, Sa 9-12   3 to AT Station
    1448.3 0 Appalachian Trail Railroad Station, NY Mail to Native Landscapes & Garden Center, Open daily 9-5 2-3  
    1466.7 0.8 E Kent CT Buy at Davis IGA, M-Sa 8-7
    Su 8-5
    1499.2 0.8 W Salisbury, CT Buy at La Bonne Epicure Market, M–Sa 8–7, Su 8-6pm 5-6  
    1549.7 5 W Lee, MA Buy at Price Chopper Supermarket    
    1577.5 0 Che****e, MA Mail to Post Office, M-F 7:30-1
    & 2-4:30,
    Sa 8:30-11:30
    8-9 1 to Williamstown
    1592.2 2.6 W Williamstown, MA Buy at Stop & Shop   1-2 to Bennington
    1610.6 5.1 W Bennington, VT Buy at Wal-mart, Price Chopper, Aldi   2-3 to Manchester
    1650.7 5.4 W Manchester, VT Buy at Price Chopper Supermarket   3-4 to Killington
    1704.7 0 Killington, VT Mail to Mountain Meadows Lodge 2-3  
    1747.0 0 Hanover, NH Buy at Hanover Food Co-op, 8am-8pm, 7 days 2-3  
    1785.8 4 E Warren, NH Mail to Post Office,  M-F 7:30-9:30 & 3-5, Sa 7:30-12 or buy at Tedeschi Food Shop,  Open daily 5-11    
    1790.4 0 Glencliff, NH Mail to Glencliff Post Office, M-F 12-2, Sa 7-1 1-2  
    1816.0 0.7 E Franconia Notch, NH Mail to Flume Visitor Center 4-5  
    1816.0 4.8 S North Woodstock, NH Buy at Wayne's Market, daily 5-10    
    1890.8 0 White Mountin Lodge and Hostel
    or go into Gorham, NH (3.6W)
    Mail to White Mountains Lodge and Hostel, no requirement to stay but this is a great place.
    Or Mail to Post Office in Gorham or buy at Wal-mart which is 2.1 mile beyound Gorham, NH.
    7.5 2-3 to Andover
    5-6 to Rangeley
    1932.2 8 E Andover, ME, East B Hill Rd Mail to Post Office, M-F 9:15-12 & 1-4:15, Sa 9-12 or buy at Andover General Store, M-Sa 5-8, Su 6-8   2-3 to Rangeley
    4-5 to Stratton
    1968.7 9 W Rangeley, ME, route 4 Buy at IGA Supermarket,  7 days 7-8   2 to Stratton
    2000.9 5 W Stratton, ME Buy at Fotter’s Market, M-Th 8-7, F-Sa 8-8, Su 9-5   4-5 Monson
    2071.3 3.6 E Monson, ME Mail toPost Office, M-F 9:15-12:15 & 1:15-4:15 Sa 7:30-11   6-7 to Abol Bridge
    2174.0 0 Abol Bridge, ME Buy at campstore, Store open May 15-Oct 15, hours 7-7.   Buy here for Katahdin hike
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    1. hubcap's Avatar
      hubcap -
      Thanks! Good info...
    1. Sheriff Cougar's Avatar
      Sheriff Cougar -
      Can this be made available as a .pdf file. Really good info. Thanks for the post.
    1. Rowdy Yates's Avatar
      Rowdy Yates -
      I would also like to have this available as a .pdf so it could be copied for personal use. Thanks Atroll!
    1. Kebler's Avatar
      Kebler -
      Thanks Atrol. You guys looking for a pdf try this: Right click the list; print; where your printer is listed you should have an option to "print to pdf" or something similar, choose that and print to a file.
      Has worked for me on several computers and file types, though I'm sure it depends on your computer and system. Just thought I'd throw it out there.
    1. veg's Avatar
      veg -
      Thanks for this!
    1. kenl's Avatar
      kenl -
      I had found the same article on wanderingthewild.com and moved the items to a spreadsheet. For my thru hike attempt I added miles between towns so you can modify the days based on your hiking pace. It will also automatically recalc the days, so if you're running slow or fast adjustment is easy. Item in yellow is no longer in busy, all other locations double checked in the awol guide and a quick search on Google. I also have the address labels built into the sheet if you're doing mail drops and it should be easy to find and replace my name with yours. Feel free to download the spreadsheet from my website here: http://kenlipnickey.com/wp-content/u...pply-Plan.xlsx
    1. Onemorehill's Avatar
      Onemorehill -
      This is wonderful information! Thank you for posting it, attroll. And Thank you, kenl, for the spreadsheet. Awesome!
    1. The Roaming Gnome's Avatar
      The Roaming Gnome -
      This is GREAT! If you are using a Mac go to File > Export as PDF
    1. aka.cyberman's Avatar
      aka.cyberman -
      Good work.....I would suggest double checking with the rural post offices. They are cutting hours and changing hours of operation like crazy.
    1. CoolBobby's Avatar
      CoolBobby -
      Thanks guys... I've been trying to plan this for about a year. You just made my day.
    1. Wyoming's Avatar
      Wyoming -

      Just fwi there is a bad typo on your sheet for mile 1577.5 where the town is shown as Che****e, MA
    1. ideas9's Avatar
      ideas9 -
      There is a program called CutePDF that's free to download. It installs itself on your computer as a printer, then you can print any document to PDF for free. For those who needs PDFs...
    1. SS/SB's Avatar
      SS/SB -
      You are the man, you've posted so much good stuff on this site you should get a medal!
    1. Skyline's Avatar
      Skyline -

      Luray VA is almost exactly the halfway point between Waynesboro VA and Harpers Ferry WV. An increasing number of thru-hikers and long distance section hikers have found it to be a more satisfactory resupply point over the past decade than Front Royal. Luray has three supermarkets (including a WalMart), a Family Dollar, two Dollar Generals, lots of motels and restaurants from budget to fancy, a newish hostel, and an outfitter. It is also an official ATC trail town.

      Hitching into Luray is not tough IF YOU DO THIS: When you come to US 211, hike east (gently uphill) about 0.1+ mile. Just on the other side of the Skyline Drive Bridge that goes over US211, put out your thumb. Unlike the AT crossing a little further west, there is room here for a driver to pull over to give you a ride. At the AT crossing, drivers have already started downhill/are moving too fast/nowhere to pull over. Also, westbound traffic exiting SNP can clearly see you up by the bridge before they turn onto US211. SNP visitors, being into trails, are your best bets for a ride.
    1. debmonster's Avatar
      debmonster -
      Great list! I'd suggest also adding:
      -The Mohican Outdoor Center in Blairstown, NJ at mile 1303.5. It's only 0.3 miles off the AT. You can mail packages to them, and they also have a small camp store and deli (open May - Sep).
      -Buy at Dale's Market in Branchville, NJ, at mile 1321.4. It's only 1.6 miles east of the AT. Very good grocery selection and deli.
      -Buy at either A&P or Healthy Thymes market in Vernon, NJ at mile 1356.3. The A&P is 2.6 miles east of the AT.
      -Buy at Country Grocery Store in Greenwood Lake, NY (reopening 5/21/16) at mile 1369.3. It's only 0.9 miles east of the AT via the Village Vista Trail.
    1. rambunny's Avatar
      rambunny -
      Don't know if this is where to put this, but The Econo Lodge in Marion Va. is sending back to the Marion PO packages sent if your name is not on the registration list. Currently the PO is holding them for awhile.This motel has not been very hiker friendly this year. I will be going in and talking with them soon.
    1. 10-K's Avatar
      10-K -
      I tried several times to get BJ to make this an active wiki and he wouldn't do it.
    1. windlion's Avatar
      windlion -
      Agreeing with @SS/SB, you have definitely earned medal and a free beverage from each of us. Thanks!
    1. Myron's Avatar
      Myron -
      Per some requests, here's a PDF:https://goo.gl/6oojkg

      This should automatically download. Note: Edits are my own -- mostly for clarity and to help make Buy versus Mail to stand out. If anyone is interested, I will post a link to an editable spreadsheet.
    1. One Half's Avatar
      One Half -
      This is so awesome. Thank you.