• Maine Warden Service discover skeletal remains discovered, likely those of missing hiker Geraldine Largay

    [Augusta, Maine – Friday, October 16, 2015]
    The Maine Warden Service believes that skeletal remains discovered in Redington Township are likely those of missing hiker Geraldine Largay missing since July 22, 2013. Positive identification will be determined in the coming weeks by the Medical Examiner’s Office, however, due to the location of the remains and evidence gathered at the scene the Maine Warden Service feels confident that Geraldine has now been located. The remains were found Wednesday morning October 14 by a contractor conducting a forestry survey as part of an environmental impact statement on property owned by the US Navy in Redington Township. The contractor reported his findings to the Navy who subsequently alerted the Maine Warden Service. Personnel to include game wardens, State Police detectives, Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) investigators, and a Medical Examiner’s Office representative hiked to the scene of the remains yesterday morning.

    The scene included skeletal remains and several pieces of clothing and belongings consistent with items known to be in Largay’s possession. The remains were located west of the Maine Public Reserve Land that contains a portion of the Appalachian Trail (AT) and about 3,500 feet east of the easterly shore of Redington Pond (see accompanying topographic map). The remains will be examined to determine the cause of death although investigators do not believe foul play is involved at this time.
    These findings will bring closure to one of Maine’s most unique and challenging search and rescue incidents. Geraldine “Gerry” Anita Largay, age 66, started her hike on the AT in April of 2013 at Harpers Ferry, West Virginia; her trail name was “inchworm.” Her destination was Baxter State Park in Maine. Her husband George kept track of her along the way and made frequent pre-determined stops to resupply her.

    On the morning of Sunday, July 21, 2013 she departed from her husband at the Route 4 AT crossing in Sandy River Plantation near the town of Rangeley. Later that day she texted her husband and advised she was on top of Saddleback Mountain. Geraldine was last seen on the early morning of July 22 at Poplar Lean-to on the Appalachian Trail (AT) in Maine. The attached photo of Geraldine was taken July 22 at Poplar Lean-to and is the last known photo of her. She was planning to hike that day to Spaulding Lean-to in Redington Township, approximately eight miles to the north.

    The following day, July 23, she had planned to continue hiking north from Spaulding Lean-to located in Mount Abram Township to meet her husband who was waiting for her at the Route 27 crossing. Geraldine never arrived at that location. Until yesterday, search efforts yielded no clues that could be attributed to Largay.

    The Largay family has asked for time to come to terms with this new information before making any further public statement, but did want to express gratitude to all the searchers and investigators who have taken the time to search for Gerry. The family has been in contact with Maine Warden Service investigators and has been updated routinely about searches and investigative leads regarding her disappearance.

    This incident remains under investigation. No further information is available at this time.

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    1. Sheriff Cougar's Avatar
      Sheriff Cougar -
      Finally closure for the family. I willl be interested in what officials and others believe or surmise may have occurred for her to be as far off the trail as it seems to be from the above photo. It also gives me closure as she was never far off my mind when thinking of the AT.
    1. geronimoscaddilac's Avatar
      geronimoscaddilac -
      I hope this will give the family closure. This event on the news today has renewed my quest for information that can be obtained on this websight. I am glad that I have reconnected with white Blaze
    1. Ewker's Avatar
      Ewker -
      any updates from the MWS
    1. Smoky Spoon's Avatar
      Smoky Spoon -
      Wondering what the hold up is?
    1. Son Driven's Avatar
      Son Driven -
      How does a well prepared, and equipped hiker die from exposure in July? How do well trained dogs that have the ability to pick up scents from more then 1/4 mile away not pick up the scent of Geraldine Largay, when brought within 100 yards of where she was found on three occasions?
    1. lissersmith's Avatar
      lissersmith -
      Seems very strange.
    1. SS/SB's Avatar
      SS/SB -
      My family kept sending me updates on this knowing we were planning on a through hike soon. Being a native of Maine I can attest to the sheer roughness of much of the State and God knows that the woods do get even experienced/well equipped folks to this day. Bad luck, exhaustion...who knows what happened but happen it did.

      Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family.
    1. Miel's Avatar
      Miel -
      Some writers have suggested she was killed for nefarious reasons, with a black ops training facility nearby. I don't have a dog in this fight and send her loved ones sympathies. But, your thoughts?
    1. V8's Avatar
      V8 -
      Maine papers have the coroner's report as of yesterday. No foul play.
      She had put up her tent, so I am guessing she was hopelessly lost, exhausted from months of hiking, and was out of food since she was only on a three night section, expectting resupply the next day. Cell phone wouldn't have worked there.
    1. mkoltonuk's Avatar
      mkoltonuk -
      My heart goes how to her spirt and to her family. I myself am 66 and plan a through hike in 2016 after making various section treks. I always stress being prepared and all out desire and fortitude for getting you through............but sometimes that's never enough! BigFoot
    1. Sasquatch!'s Avatar
      Sasquatch! -
      Quote Originally Posted by Son Driven View Post
      How does a well prepared, and equipped hiker die from exposure in July? How do well trained dogs that have the ability to pick up scents from more then 1/4 mile away not pick up the scent of Geraldine Largay, when brought within 100 yards of where she was found on three occasions?
      People in their 20's die on the couch doing nothing. What is so surprising about a woman her age expiring on the trail? Anyone of us could die at any moment. Death while hiking seems a preferable route, all things considered. Personally, I'd rather die on the PCT than AT.