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    Published on 04-04-2017 20:22
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    2017 PCT Backpacker Alert for 01 April 2017
    PCT High Sierra Spring Threats on Full Display
    Read the most recent 2017 PCT Backpacker Alerts Page by Alex Wierbinki
    Published on 03-21-2017 21:24
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    Hiking in Mount Aspiring National Park
    Mount Aspiring National Park is one of the shiniest jewels of New Zealandís South Island. It has precious meadows, luscious forests, majestic mountains, wild rivers, ice and snow, cozy huts and all that your wild hiking heart might desire. There are lots of options for hikers of all experience
    Published on 11-02-2016 22:06
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    Please go to the facebook page Bring Kris Fowler/Sherpa Home, or username tag /u/dummey in a comment here, if you have any helpful information on his potential whereabouts or want to help in anyway. I am not affiliated with the search, but thought I'd broaden the audience to increase the chances of useful info.

    Update1 (31/10 11:24AM PST): Yakima County Sheriff, Sgt Briscoe taking lead in investigation. Helicopters and hikers being sent out by them shortly.
    Update2 (1/11 9:07AM PST): Fox45now article. Q13FOX video
    Sherpa's belongings were searched at the hotel in Packwood, as he had left them in a trailer he was staying in without permission (?), he said he was just cold. Cops ran his ID and found nothing wrong, and the kind owners of the trailer ended up feeding him that lunch and night, gave him hotel room for the the night, asked him to stay another night, but he left the next morning. He mentioned he was hitching to Cracker Barrel and then hiking to Snoqualmie. He also had the intention of going to Goodwill for warmer clothes.

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    Officials give hiking safety tips for Appalachian Trail - WHAG

    It's a small club. I'm just a tourist, but I always try to fit in.

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    Venchka Yesterday, 15:59 Go to last post

    Officials give hiking safety tips for Appalachian Trail - WHAG

    Agree. I'm not even an old geezer. I thought hiking the AT had something to do about self reliance not having an absolute need to call for help by cell

    Dogwood Yesterday, 15:01 Go to last post
    Tipi Walter

    Officials give hiking safety tips for Appalachian Trail - WHAG

    Exactly. I lived in Boone NC for 30 years and went to Appalachian State. Nobody ever said App-a-LAY-shun. It's App-a-latch-shun. Whenever I hear Appalaytion

    Tipi Walter Yesterday, 10:53 Go to last post
    The Ace

    Officials give hiking safety tips for Appalachian Trail - WHAG

    Additional items that you should carry:

    - Space emergency blanket

    - Signal mirror

    The Ace Yesterday, 10:45 Go to last post