A.T. hikers will certainly miss the hospitality extended over the years by Gary and Sandy Poteat at the Blueberry Patch Hiker Hostel (Dick's Creek Gap, Hiawassee, Ga.). The hostel has been closed and will not reopen. On behalf of myself and all those who've had their thru-hikes enriched by the kindness and generosity of the Poteat, thank you and God Bless. Your warm welcomes and hearty pancake breakfasts made us feel as if we were among family.
    You are in our prayers. (Scoop-2000).
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    1. Teacher & Snacktime's Avatar
      Teacher & Snacktime -
      I'm so glad that Snacktime and I got to meet Gary and Lenny, and were the grateful recipients of their kindness and generosity.
    1. jigsaw's Avatar
      jigsaw -
      we came in on a freezing cold rain day. gary set us up started the fire. after we dryed out he let 5 of us take his jeep to town for dinner.great people and great pancakes. your kindness will be missed
    1. EarlyBird2007's Avatar
      EarlyBird2007 -
      Thanks so much, Gary & Sandy. Your place was a Godsend during my 2007 thru-hike.

      Early Bird GA->ME 2007
    1. TrekkerJeff's Avatar
      TrekkerJeff -
      Thimbleberry and I really appreciated Gary and Lenny's amazing hospitality in 2011.
      Outstanding folks who truly cared about hikers. We will never forget you. May God bless you both. Greenstone
    1. john1's Avatar
      john1 -
      I stayed there in 2013 great people they made me feel like I was home. Great breakfast. I had back problems from my back pack. Gary was klnd enough to give some cream to rub on my back. Then told me to keep it. That's how I got my trail name. Hiking with a friend. My back started hurting so I ask John my friend to rub the cream on my back. I couldn't reach the spot. He put a little to much on my back. I had to take all my shirts and coat off my back was on fire. My friend said I will call you back Fite. And now that is my trail name. Thanks to Gary. Love Gary and his wife. So sorry that closed up.
    1. john1's Avatar
      john1 -
      Back fire. Not Fite. Lol
    1. twocents's Avatar
      twocents -
      The were good people. I stayed with them on my 1995 hike.
    1. The Happy Hiker's Avatar
      The Happy Hiker -
      I remember them from 1995, too. Stayed there with father and son team Elder and Gorilla, both pilots. Fond memories; nice folks, sorry to hear they've shut down.
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