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  1. 2021 AT Thru Hike Announcement

    Hey Friends and Family!
    I wanted to officially announce that I will be starting my AT Thru Hike on March 23rd from Amicalola Falls, Georgia. I plan to post photos, videos, and status updates here regularly to keep y'all updated as I progress. Look forward to bringing y'all along with me on my exciting journey. Wish me luck!
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  2. Prepping my clothes

    Im not worried about getting lost or getting attacked by a bear 🐻, but I am concerned about getting Lyme disease based on my research. Today I sprayed my clothes, shoes, backpack and tent with permethrin. Hopefully this will help 🤞.

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  3. Approach Trail Arch

    Photos at the arch prior to starting out.Click image for larger version. 

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  4. Approach Trail- Day 0

    Caught the shuttle from Atlanta to Amicalola Falls State Park. After a quick lesson on the trail in Georgia, a few photos at the arch and filling up with water, I was off.

    The 600+ stairs to start off were no joke! For me, it was an extremely short day, which ended at the Amicalola Falls Lodge. With the clocks jumping forward and 3- hour time zone change, I need an extra night of relative comfort.