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  1. Found a peahen, found a peahen!

    In Sept of 2009 I did a dayhike from Newfound Gap to Charlie's Bunyan (8 miles round trip). As I passed Icewater Spring Shelter 3-miles in, I saw a large bird walking around in the clearing. I didn't try to get close, and I was in a hurry to finish my hike before it got dark, so I went on. On the way back, I stopped for a few minutes, got much closer and identified it as a peahen. Nope, not a wild turkey or a grouse, but a peahen, a domesticated animal who had no business in the middle of the ...
  2. High Point down to Delaware Water Gap - Part 1

    My previous day hikes, both on my own and with help from Shuttle, had left a gap between Highway 23 in High Point State Park and the town of Delaware Water Gap. I thus resolved to find a way to do these 41 (or so) miles and finish off the Trail within New Jersey. My first plan was to pay an ungodly sum to get shuttled from DWG to HP, but then stumbled on the fact that I can ride mass transit not only to DWG, but to the town of Port Jervis -- less than five miles from where I wanted to start my hike. ...

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  3. Do you need rain where you live? - Part 1

    Sometimes I wonder if I’m a weather shaman, able to bring rain to whatever part of The Trail I happen to walk on. Remember in April of this year, when I said that (near Harpers Ferry) I hiked in the rain for the first time? I’ve since made seven treks on the AT – and gotten rained on every trip! If your part of the country is in a drought, feel free to pay me to hike there, so that you’ll get a minimum of a centimeter of rain in a matter of days.

    This trip was still another to Vermont ...
  4. NOAA high elevation forecasts

    Quote Originally Posted by Another Kevin View Post
    In the Northeast, the NOAA "higher summits" forecasts are invaluable, because they tell you what to expect in the mountains, rather than in the towns. Ones pertinent to the A-T include:

    Caribou, ME http://www.nws.noaa.gov/view/validPr...=REC&node=KCAR Katahdin, Cadillac, Moosehead Lake

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    No Hiker Left Behind....Part Two

    “What a beautiful day” Teacher started to say, as she reached out and hoisted her pack.
    Once it was lifted she squirmed and she shifted until it set onto her back.
    The pack weight was more than she'd dealt with before. “It's awfully heavy” she sighed.
    (Last night she'd been packing and sleep she was lacking and thus it had never been tried.)

    But Snacktime whose pack was secure on his back was already off at

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