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  1. Grayson Highlands Overnight camping trip Feb 2010

  2. Ranking AT memoirs/fiction

    I started this thread because I'm interested in getting kind of a summary review of all the thru-hiking memoirs and novels out there.

    I've only read a couple myself and I want to know what other people have enjoyed so I know which AT book I should spend my money on next.

    So please, opine here on the literature of the trail you've come across.

    Check Whiteblaze's links page for a link to media about the trail if you need to refresh your memory.

  3. 1st Resupply ready

    First resupply for Georgia? Check.

    I just posted my first blog update [w/ photo @ the grocery store] from my new Droid at my blog, People's Republic of Walk.
  4. miss janet

  5. Georgia on my mind

    [new PRW post]

    ...and leaving on a night train to Georgia and all that. It's an inspiring state. For me, however, going to Georgia in 17 days will be my first trip to the Deep South since a week on Edisto Beach, SC in 2005, and my first time going to Georgia that didn't involve driving through or laying over at ATL.

    I've got some loose ends to tie up at home and a few last gear essentials to get before packing for the hike. And then it's Week 1 on the trail: One foot in ...