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  1. Day 42: Zero Day

    Taking my first zero in over a week. Took it nice and easy in the hotel room. Was able to get my first dose of the COVID vaccine. I have another zero day tomorrow and then a slack pack which will be good in case I have a reaction, but so far so good. When I went to the post office, they had a little mascot. A cute kitty. I think all post offices should have one. 🐱
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  2. Day 41: Slack Pack to Erwin

    Got back to Spivey Gap first thing in the morning. Had both knees taped up and ready to go. The 11 miles into Erwin were relatively easy down hill and both knees felt good. Finished by 2pm and had a relaxing evening in the hotel room. Itís suppose to rain the next 3 days and I planned to take a zero tomorrow. Not Sure has 2 more zeros to rest up his foot and then he can resume Wednesday. He decided to continue on from Erwin instead of backtracking, but he wants to slack pack SOBO to make sure his ...
  3. Day 40: Trail Legs; Not quite yet

    Started the day off with a good climb. It was 6 miles uphill from Sams Gap to the top of Big Bald Mountain. It was mostly nice and gradual and made good time. It was a beautiful open view from up top. I had a big day planned. 18 miles total to get to No Business Knob Shelter. After getting over Big Bald Mountain it was mostly downhill to the shelter, so I thought it was doable. However, after several miles of steep decent my left knee started to hurt a little. My right knee is what hurt before and ...
  4. Day 39: Relaxing Day

    Slept well out of the rain. Didnít stick around in the morning and got moving. In terms of resupply the hostel had donuts, chips and ramen. So I need to resupply again to get into Erwin. I could push and get in tomorrow, but itís suppose to rain for 3 days starting Monday and one good day doesnít mean I have my trail legs. So short day to Sams gap it is. Beautiful day, but windy. Took a nice long lunch at the shelter. Ate my 3 bags of chips😒. Got news from Not Sure that he needs to take ...

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