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  1. a trip to the past

    A friend asked what lead me to the Appalachian trail so i want to add this story to my journal .In 1975 when i was 10 me and my dog would spend hours in the woods behind my house .Mom would pack us lunch fill our canteen and we would be off on our adventures. One night my dad gave me a book it was trail guide to the Appalachian trail it was full of maps stories of the trail ,From that day forward me and my faithful dog would spend ...
  2. ^^ountain ^^an Appalachian Trail Maine to Georgia winter thru-hike

    ^^ountain ^^an

    has completed

    Appalachian Trail Maine to Georgia winter thru-hike

    August 10th 2015 - June 11th 2016

    what next?

    Happy Trails!
  3. Pen Mar Park to Raven Rock Shelter and Devil's Racecourse - 2016

    Did a little more of the AT this weekend as we ‘connect the dots’ with the goal of eventually seeing the whole thing. Starting to look at doing longer and longer sections and then most likely a through. Total hike distance in, out, and around: 12.0 miles
    We had a great time with this one and it has a little of everything (easy flat walking, rocky ascents/descents, great views, nice shelter, and weird natural formations).
    This is a ...
  4. V.Sky on the Trail

    Hey folks! Tick tock- tick tock! March 28 is around the corner. So if you'd like to follow along my journey, you all can go throw a "like" at my facebook blogger page that I'll be using to coordinate all of my social media into one, familiar, easy-to-navigate avenue.

    Thanks in advance!

  5. The Most Amazing Email

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    You know, for as much as I typically talk about how the hiker community on Trail Journals and White Blaze can be a pain in the a**, I have to admit that today I received an email that warmed my heart. There are a lot of times that this actually happens and I fail at times to speak on it. About 90% of the hiker community that I meet online are WONDERFUL people. There is always the 10% that are bitter or mad or just flat out a$$holes. With that being the case, I ...
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