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  1. Moonshine

    Has anyone seen 'Moonshine' ? She is heading south. My wife and I are just trying to keep track of her. She spent a few short days with us on her journey south. Very special young lady. If you hear from her or see her, please tell her Mary and Mike say "HI" from VT.
  2. Tool for calculating elevation gain on the AT?

    Quote Originally Posted by Odd Man Out View Post
    Map Man has an article where he reports his calculations for elevation gain and drop per mile for each section of the trail. I extracted this data to a spread sheet and used it to calculate total elevation gain and drop per section. From this, you can easily calculate the drop and gain for any section you are hiking. The data is probably a few years old, so there will be some differences between today's numbers and these numbers. But I don't know a better data source. What is different about these
  3. Freezer Bag Cooking Recipe: Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice with Mushrooms

    Quote Originally Posted by Demeter View Post
    I was supposed to be backpacking this week but my daughter's last minute decision to attend Homecoming changed all that

    The next best thing is to come up with a recipe that I was able to try out on a hike the other day. I love the homemade version of this stuff, so thought I would try a trail version.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The full write up is here

    1 packet Lipton Cream of Chicken Cup a Soup
    1/4 cup freeze dried chicken
  4. 2015 Thru-Hike Registry

    Quote Originally Posted by mountain squid View Post
    Time to make it official all you 2015ers!

    Trail Name

    Estimated Start Date
    Approach Trail - yes or no
    any additional info that you want the world to know

    There's no turning back now! If you have the opportunity you might consider going to Trail Days this year. There are usually lots of gear vendors . . . .

    If anything changes, please update via a reply to this thread or send me a PM.

    After you have completed
  5. Military Veteran and meds. on thru-hike

    Quote Originally Posted by ericmack View Post
    Great question since I am a vet- totally and permanently disabled thru the VA system- and will thru hike NOBO in 2016. Pain meds, among others, have been a constant worry and this thread helped tremendously. I use TRICARE and will talk with primary care about the refill system. Wife is with me so will need a trusted person to fill and then send meds. One question- how safe are we on trail with those type of meds? Not getting attacked or anything- just theft. I know one way is to be quiet about
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