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  1. Gear list

    90L high Sierra long trail pack
    6 shirts and a 1 long sleeve. None are cotton
    4 pair polyester socks
    40l dry bag small pot
    wAter purifier 25quarts
    60 ft of rope
    10 matches
    14 ounces of fire starter
    zip tIes
    Pva drying ttowel
    pool float (bed)
    2 8x10 tarps
    first aid kit
    duct tape
    4 rolls tp
    sleeping bag.
  2. DEET and ticks

    Quote Originally Posted by fcoulter View Post
    I did my good deed for the week last weekend, feeding the ticks of Central Florida.

    It's not that I wanted to, but my 25% DEET Off didn't appear to convince the ticks to bother someone else. I thought DEET repelled ticks.

    So, what's the story on ticks and DEET. Does it have to be a higher percentage? Does DEET work on ticks at all? Does DEET break down over time -- it was an old container of Off?

    (I'd recommend against the Longleaf Pine Trail's loop
  3. Starchild's Journey

    In the last couple of emails I have dove into some of the very spiritual aspects of my personal journey. I have tried to just do a physical one but they seem to run together. My upbringing has me see the spiritual but will try to incorporate more of the physical in this one. I don't know how I will do on that we will see...

    I want to thank you for the overwhelming support and want to report what means to me and my journey. It confirms that I am on the right path for my life. But it ...
  4. Questions on getting with the pack.

    So I am set to be on the trail first thing Sunday morning but still torn on where to start. I am not going to be able to make a complete thru hike this summer and I am really interested in a the festivals going on. But it seems like I am going to be so far behind that I won't get those experiences. Any comments on this? I can start wherever I want so does anyone think it would be a huge benefit to start further up the trail to try and get with "the pack" ?
  5. In which I resort to begging.

    As those of you who have been following this journal know, I've been off trail for a month with a stress fracture in my foot. I still made it to trail days (I was in the front of the parade and safe, as was my immediate hiking group, although those were were injured remain in my thoughts) and generally had a blast reconnecting with my trail family and getting caught up on the stories I missed while rehabing my foot. It just made me want to get back out there more. My foot is feeling so much better ...