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  1. Western Maryland Rail Trail

    As part of my new quest to find the EPIC in my life, I have reached out to find new things to do in my area to prepare for my trip on the AT. This past Sunday 6/29/14 I made a trip to Big Pool Maryland to ride on the Western Maryland Rail Trail (WMRT) all the way to Hancock Maryland.

    The Western MD Rail Trail is 21 miles (or so) long and is located right along Interstate 70 in Central Maryland. It is a very easy jump over to the C & O Canal which runs parallel across the Potomac ...
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  2. My training for 2015, Training Day 18 - 21

    Training Day 18 - 21: June 27 - 30
    I decided last weekend was the time to start hiking for real. With the equipment already listed, 4 days food, merino wool long under layer, a compression shirt and a spare pair of liner socks, I set out on Friday afternoon with a total pack weight of about 40 pounds. I would have preferred to start earlier in the day, but I was depending on a ride to a bus that goes to the trail. By the time I got to the trail the temp was in the 90’s.


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  3. My Brief Intro

    Hi everyone! My name is Clay I'm 16 years old and next year starting March 1st I'll be thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail going NOBO solo. Ever since I heard my dad talk about the AT about 5 years ago I've wanted to do it. It sounded like so much fun! I remember seeing thru-hikers when we would go to the Smokies but it didn't really register in my mind who they were and what they were doing until thinking upon those moments years later.
    It wasn't until last year when my dream to hike ...
  4. My training for 2015, Training Day 17

    Training Day 17: June 25
    Well I have assembled a collection of “Old School” equipment just to experience a weighted pack. I took the loaded pack out for a test spin yesterday for about 4 miles and it worked acceptably.

    Equipment includes:

    1. 20+ year old EMS 4500 pack, 7.75 pounds
    2. 40+ year old Holubar synthetic mummy bag, 4 pounds
    3. 1 year old Walmart tent, 3 pounds
    4. 60 year old Coleman Peak 1 cook pot set, .75 pound
    5. 40 year old EFI (Hank Roberts) stove,
  5. North bound

    Meet the 1st 2 North bounders of the year yesterday. It was at the swinging bridge in Clarendon VT. The swinging bridge is dedicated to Bob Brugman. He was a 17 year old hiker from New Jersey that lost his life trying to cross the river a couple of days after a flood in 1973. The bridge had been taken out by the flood and he tried to cross over it on a fallen pine tree. They built a new suspended bride and named it in his honor. Yesterday, my wife and I went over the bridge for a 2 hour hike. I ...