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  1. Winter AT

    Hiked Crawfords Path to Mt Washington 1/23/10 beautiful warm up hike!!!
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  2. Dreams

    We all have them. Some are just a mere thought for a small segment in your life. Some are there for a longer time, some are forgotten. Than there is that ONEÖ. Just One dream that never goes away. It stays with you like the heat on a hot summer day. Like the cold on the coldest winter night, like the blue sky on a clear day. This is that Dream that One, you know that ONE that has not left your mind. Let this be the Best Dream ever come true. On the 11th day of March 2010 I will follow ...
  3. Final notice responce

    Well, I gave my notice at work yesterday. It went something like this.

    This is my unofficial notice. My last day at work will be 26 Feb. My official notice will commence on 15 Feb.

    They told me today that it had to be an official letter to the company. Can you believe that? I was try to be nice and give them a month notice and they have to come back and say that is not good enough. Maybe I should just give them the official letter on 25 Feb, the day before my last ...
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  4. Questions from the class of 2020.....

    Personally I like your thinking. We own an RV a nice one in fact a 34' pusher. My wife doesn't drive it and doesn't want to. So, I'm doing the hike, and she's going to meet me periodically for a long weekend, and to resupply. I'm hiking this year. She'll pick me up in the car we'll motel it, and she'll drop me off back at the trail head.

    Based on the research I've done, You could probably do ok in the North East, but you'd have to camp your way through the 100 mile wilderness ...
  5. Gave my notice

    I made the next step forward today towards my thru hike. I turn in my notice at work this morning. 26 Feb is my last day of work. I am stepping a little closer to the point of no return.

    I have been very nervous in the past but that is starting to change now. I am getting very excited about starting now. I cannot wait. I donít think it can come fast enough now.

    I am going to start working out a little more now that the time is getting closer. I am working out more ...
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