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  1. Money saving phase.....

    Ok another friday another grip of my check put away.
    But with all my gear purchased for next year(providing it holds up this year,which it should).
    And some minor possible upgrades I have reached over quarter of my quota for saving and only one month and a week into it.
    I am feeling great and plugging away more and more every week,and now that the big things are bought and out of the way I feel great.
    Should hit my goal(knocks on wood) before Christmas this year,leaving me ...
  2. Roan Mountain, Hughes Gap to US 19E - My First Section Hike

    **Im new to this site so please let me know if this story is inappropriate. I couldn't fit the whole thing so I linked to my external blog. Helpful feedback is appreciated!**

    So although this could be considered a tiny section for most, this was my biggest trip to date. 21 tough miles from Hughes Gap to US 19E. But man, how rewarding! My friends and I (Sauce and Huh) drove in from Baltimore on Thursday night and stayed at Mountain Harbour Hostel. What a great place. Despite the reason ...
  3. The long wait........

    As I sit here waiting on my next day off for A short over night hike,I patiently try to kill the days for my thru hike next march nobo to start.
    My gear is all bought and my pack weight is where I want it to be,now just plugging away every penny for funds on my hiatus next year. Studying my awol guide to just familiarize myself with different things. Day one on quiting smoking .
    And knowing my buddy bobby (a fellow white blaze member) is on his way to neel gap as I type is not making ...
  4. COST March25-April14 2016 notes brainstorming

    Edit 10272016 sorry this was suppose to be a brain storm and quick note.

    Camp two nights go into town at end of third day covers 30 mile in beginning.

    19 days from Springer Mountain 0.0m to 150.7m NC 143 (Stecoah Gap) Springer Parking Lot 2.0m round trip to 0.0_37.7m Tesnatee Gap=39.7m Dicks Gap 69.6_85.4m Deep Gap, Kimsey Creek Trail=15.8m Winding Stair Gap 109.8_129.2m Tellico Gap=19.4m US 19 & 74 N.O.C. 137.3_150.7m Stecoah Gap. =13.4m =/= 86.3m. Total hike less ...

    Updated 10-27-2016 at 22:37 by MisterGeorge

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  5. pack list

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