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  1. Hiked approach trail, starting NOBO tomorrow.

    Hiked a section of the approach trail today. That thing is no joke! Amicalola falls is gorgeous. Here are some pics from the hike today. Going to start off officially tomorrow from the visitor center, should be done with the approach and on the trail by the afternoon. Will be posting lots of pics and updates!
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  2. Blast from the Past

    My ole Svea is still blazin and roaring. The Optimus I used in the Wind Rivers as NOLS have revered Them. Wool is back as well. What goes around stays around.
  3. Spam snacks

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    Found this in our local grocery. Combine a pack of Lance Toast Chee crackers (220 Cal) and a pack of Spam Snacks (220 Cal) you have a nice light weight snack with fat and protein. I purchased a handful of the snack packs and plan to give them a try on my next section hike. Make sure you check the expiration date.
  4. Trail food on the cheap - Mail drops, resupply in towns, and what it has cost me.

    Quote Originally Posted by fabianscorpio View Post
    Beginners ‘on the cheap’ dinner suggestions:

    Found at Big Lots for $2.00 - $3.00…Bear Creek soup mixes, and rice mixes.
    I bought Idahoan instant mashed potatoes at Sam's club, along with A huge box of 'Minute Rice'.....both about 6 bucks for huge boxes...

    Let me start with my favorite….Bear Creek ‘Darn Good chili mix’. Typically, you can get three to four meals out of one bag….

    I pour the entire package of Bear Creek chili
  5. Adventure of K.O.G.

    Well I have made it to Dawsonville and extremely excited. My shuttle will be picking me up at 9am. I will be starting off at springer mountain... Checked the weather so should be good for about 10 miles lol maybe before the rain kicks in... I wonder how restless I will be tonight... My Sunshine will be without me for at least 3 months, which will be the longest we have spent apart so should be interesting... Been wanting to do this since 93 and my mom and I would have done it in 2000 but she passed ...
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