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  1. West Virginia AT Complete!

    After completing the Maryland portion of the Appalachian Trail, I decided to go ahead and finish off West Virginia. I thought I was going to do it over three days, staying at the David Lesser Shelter and then further South at one of the campsites on the way to Snickers Gap. I got a very late start on Saturday, starting the hike after a great dinner at Harpers Ferry. I left at 6:15 PM from the Appalachian Trail Conservancy. It was dank and misty from
  2. First Backpacking Experience Part II

    Ok so I left off at the Hiker Hostel. Let me tell you. This hostel is nice! It's a log cabin in the mountains, 3 levels, with a great rocking chair porch in the front and a grilling/firepit/swing deck in the back. There's a chicken coop and few of those tiny homes that they rent out. There are some private rooms inside along with two (that I saw) 4-person bunk rooms. You get linens/towel and they had a huge collection of hiker boxes full of free stuff people have ditched along the way. There's a ...
  3. First Backpacking Experience

    I'm not sure where I became interested in backpacking. I guess I got a wild hair. Nobody I knew did this. I've just always loved the woods, and this was the best thing I could come up with for full immersion if you will. It's a little crazy, and that's my thing. It only took so long to act on because I had no idea where to start. There are no long distance trails where I grew up in East Texas. I've visited numerous state and national parks where I've done day hiking but never with weight. The idea ...

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  4. Year 7 Section Hike Complete - Va, WVa, Md, PA

    Completed my seventh year of section hiking this past July 5-22 - Here is a link to my journal.

  5. Norovirus can be a concern

    Quote Originally Posted by Lauriep View Post
    Norovirus can be a concern on the Appalachian Trail or in crowded overnight facilities frequented by hikers near the A.T.

    Typically norovirus occurs only when and where there is very heavy overnight hiker traffic with poor hygiene and inadequate Leave No Trace practices being employed.

    Outbreaks of norovirus, or ("stomach bug" when not confirmed) have been reported on the Appalachian Trail in recent years, disproportionately occuring in the northbound thru-hiker
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