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  1. May 1, 2021, 8:05 pm

    Left Crazy Larry's Hostel this morning at about 8:25 am. My stay at his hostel was very good. He treated me and the other guests very well. He has a mixed reputation but I found him to be hard working and eager to make people happy. He cooked breakfast for us each of the two mornings that I stayed. morning I wasn't hungry at all and didn't eat lunch until 1 pm.

    The hike today was 16 miles. There were a couple of relatively small mountains but nothing serious. We parelelled a bike ...
  2. Day 69: Zero Day at Angels Rest

    Taking a zero today at Angels Rest in Pearisburg. Tried to get my second COVID shot, but they wouldnít let me get it one day early and they are closed tomorrow for Memorial Day. So Iíll have to coordinate that in Daleville. Watched Jurassic Park and chilled around the hostel all day.
  3. Day 68: Easy day to Angelís Rest Hiker Haven

    Today is only 11 miles to Pearisburg. Itís flat and mostly downhill. Woods Hole served breakfast at 8am, so we were on trail by 9am. I felt good and the terrain was easy, so I powered through and made it to Pearisburg by 2pm. Checked into the bunk room and got settled in. The Food Lion is in walking distance, so resupplied for my zero tomorrow. Angelís Rest offers a 20 mile slack pack that I think we will do Monday after our zero.
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  4. Day 67: Race to Woods Hole Hostel

    Today itís suppose to rain all day, but thunderstorms could roll in this afternoon so I donít want to dilly dally. We have 15 miles and a good climb today. Breakfast isnít served until 8am and after last nights amazing dinner Iím not skipping out on that. Got on trail at 9am with just a light drizzle that lasted most of the morning. Twinkle Toes, who I am hiking with today, said a thunderstorm was headed our way and to get moving. He was successful in freaking me out, but it just rained a little ...
  5. Day 66: 600 miles!

    Woke up rested and ready to get to Weary Feet Hostel. The description said food focused, so I was all in. We have 16 miles of pretty easy terrain. After 6 miles we hit the 600 mile mark!! Itís exciting how the 100 mile markers are coming more frequently. My legs started to feel it about mile 14 or 15, but thankfully we didnít have much farther at that point. But at the very end I was disappointed when Guthooks (the hiking app that marks the trail) was wrong and we had to hike and extra .5 miles ...

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