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  1. Bills squared away and Amtrak ticket purchased

    Wow, I got a lot accomplished yesterday. Renewed my driver license, pick up a new military ID card. I set up automatic withdrawal for my life insurance and mortgage insurance policies so they get paid while I am gone. I also got my debit card set up for my hike. I looked over my finances and it looks like I will be better off bill wise than what I thought. The only bills my wife will have to worry about paying while I am gone is the electric, phones, cable/internet and her food and gas for the car. ...
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  2. I know!

    My wife already yelled at me for spelling exercise wrong.(fingers faster than brain)
  3. getting legs in shape

    24+" of powder to ski in, just what I needed for some Sunday morning exersize!
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  4. New stove setup, glasses

    I also forgot to mention that I switched my stove setup over a month ago. I switched to the Caldera Cone. This system works better and faster than any alcohol stove system I have tried and I have tried a lot of alcohol stoves. It also uses less alcohol. I did switch out the stove that came with the system with the homemade stove that I had made for me. The reason that I switch out the stove was because my stove is the size and does the as good of a job as the stove that came with the cone. The ...
    2010 Pre Hike blogs
  5. Hard Shells

    I am still working on my layering system. The biggest trouble I am having is the selection of a hard shell. My layering system now consists of
    #1 capilene
    #2 capilene
    merino wool sweater
    Marmot Ion windshirt
    I am thinking of getting the Marmot Precip jacket and pants or some Montbelle stuff.