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  1. Gear List

    As I load up my pack, I'm thinking of Lewis & Clark. Hell, how do you pack for an 5,000-plus march into the unknown? Start with alot of meat, apparently: the Corps packed "one ton of dried pork." Maybe I should bring a baggy of that deer jerky in the oven.

    Food, fuel, shoes, and H20 aside, here's my gear list so far. Keep in mind, I'm going "ultra-light", which basically means I'm trying really hard to keep my pack as light as possible. Duh, right? That's called ...
  2. Walter Halloween

    I can't wait for Halloween this year. I am going as Walter from the Big Lebowski.
  3. Facebook Politics

  4. 2010 Thru hikers on facebook

    There has been a group on facebook for Appalachian Trail 2010 thru hikers for quite some time now. I thought I would post a quick note here to let everyone know about the Appalachian Trail 2010.
    2010 Pre Hike blogs
  5. Buffing up the Why

    Expectations are a fool's investment. As I prepare for the 6th of February, I keep this in mind. Don't get me wrong; I'm ready to roll. My "how" is hammered out and I'm geared up for life as a nomad, but I've got my chips elsewhere. My bet's on my "why". After all, no matter how bomb-proof, the "how" can go to hell in a hot second (and take one's expectations down with it). But the "why" is a little stronger.

    Like I said, I'm ready. My body's