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  1. I'm going slower than I thought - but still enjoying everything

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    April 16 - Dropped at Springer Mtn (yes, I skipped the approoach trail...) 1 mile up, pics, 1 mile down. Only went as far as Stover Creek. Not enough cell signal to call in for church :-(
    April 17 - Great weather. Got water at Hawk Mtn Campsite at noon but didn't check for next water site so only got camelback full. I had to make it 7 more miles to Justus for water. Couple of college-looking kids took pity on me after 5 miles and gave me their water because ...

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  2. Friday in Franklin NC

    April 26 was my first big day 11 miles!! Crossed the GA-NC line around 4 and wanted a few more miles. Made it to muskrat shelter at8pm. Barely time to set up before dark. Lay there in twilight and heard a hoot owl fight. Struck me
    So funny I laughed out loud.
    April 27 thunderstorm atop standing Indian mtn. Too much rhododendron so I couldn't see lightning. Rats! But what a neat smell! Fresh rainy mountaintop- too bad you can't get a snapshot of that. Rain let up at 5:30 so I quickly ...
  3. Rainy in the Smokies - but at least no snow!!

    April 26 -crossed from GA to NC. Passed friend Lefty and his dog Lucy at Bly Gap. Tood out "Good Feet" insoles at 3pm and feet felt WAY better. Got to Muskrat Shelter at8pm- RedRobin and Hydro were there. Got hammock set up by dark-thirty and there was a hoot owl argument nearby - made me laugh out loud...all alone in my hammock..people must have thought I was a loon - 11 Miles

    April 27 - Long climb in rocky streambed -feet were KILLING me. Cool Thunderstorm atop Standing ...
  4. Based on my choices from a week ago, I nominate myself for "Bonehead of the Year"

    Firstly, I did NOT have the worst trail time ever. When my short section hike was over, all I had were insect bites.
    These were not mistakes of a careless newbie or lack of planning, prep, or thinking. I have (1) camped and hiked for decades, (2) day-hiked on the AT for years, and (3) done a few over-nights, to ensure I could do okay with just a pack.
    Nor was this over-ambition. For my first attempt at true back-packing, I chose a trip of about 45 miles of walking over four days walking ...
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  5. Back on the trail after an 18 year break.

    Hi this is my first blog entry ever, anywhere. Like most people on this site I have dreamed of thru hiking the AT ever since I was a boy scout and learned there was a trail that spanned georgia to Maine. Of course life got in the way but now I find myself sans house, wife,dog,car payment and rent. If I don't go now i never will. I am about as out of shape as a person can get. I smoke a pack a day and i am pushing 300 pounds. I had my doubts if i could make the most modest of hikes. I have been training ...
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