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  1. This isn't Cross Training, it's Cross Learning!

    by , 04-05-2014 at 05:44 (My wife and I are planning to thru hike the AT in 2017)
    Iím excited to be getting my first backpack at the end of April and really get started on this AT adventure finally. With the backpack I will begin to feel like a hiker.

    As far as sports and money go this isnít really bad. The big items are a backpack, tent, and sleeping bag. You can get crazy expensive with the other stuff but you donít have to in order to have a good time.

    Versus $1100 to $4000 for a triathlon bike, $90 to $120 for triathlon kits. $130 for ...
  2. It's ABlazing how the time goes bye... .. .

    It's been over a decade since my thru-hike attempt, I was 21 then and sure i'ld finish that summer. The Trail life was one of the best times of my life. If we are all oysters in this madearn Warld then the Trail is where you find the ones with pearls inside.
    I started in Georgia, and had good luck from the 1st day. To many stories for here. However, after Trail days I left Damascus and did a 28 mile day to Thomas knob shelter where wearing my hat low I walked into the edge of the
  3. Body adapting to activities.

    by , 04-01-2014 at 04:42 (My wife and I are planning to thru hike the AT in 2017)
    Itís taken a few weeks but my blood sugars seem to have adapted to this change in activity. At least diabetes and I have found a rhythm that is starting to work. It is so easy to want to NOT do anything to change your diabetic routine because it ALWAYS throws your blood sugar control off at first. Eventually though you will find a way to make it work but change is never easy with diabetes.

    My doctor gets upset by my lack of variety in my meals. When you find what works for you, you ...
  4. PFFATTH (Parents, family and friends of AT thru hikers)

    I figured why not start a thread for those of us that have loved ones on a thru hike attempt in 2014. We love you Kris ("Two Ponds") Started 3/30/14). Be strong and smile all day in this beautiful Earth.

    This post is for anyone who wants to talk about the progress, the journey, and the passion that their loved one is putting forth on the trail this year.

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  5. Boy Scouts rescued from unexpected snow on Appalachian Trail - Lynchburg News and Adv

    Quote Originally Posted by FarmerChef View Post
    Boy they really did get some snow. All I have to say about that is that the forecasters up here completely borked the forecast. We had wintry mix all day long on Sunday instead of rain changing over to mix in the evening with highs in the mid to upper forties. I never saw higher than 34!!! Saturday was also somewhat sideways. That said, I had planned on taking the kids and my wife (all experienced backpackers) out for an overnight prep hike this weekend and took one look at the (wrong) forecast