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  1. Day 50: Met Bob; Legend of the trail

    Today was a pretty easy terrain day. Beautiful weather today. Had lunch at Moreland Gap Shelter. There was a group of hikers held up there due to sickness. Some stomach bug was workin itís way through the group. Kept our distance and moved on. We decided to push to Kincora Hiker Hostel since it was suppose to start raining tonight. Bob Peoples has been running that hostel since 1997 and has hosted almost 25,000 hikers. Itís a dingier place, but not too bad considering heís in his 80s. He leaves ...
  2. Day 49: Mile 400!

    Today we are slack packing SOBO from Walnut Mountain Road back to the hostel. The hostel owner decided to hike with us for fun. There were a couple waterfalls on the trail, but the Close Enuff took us to a secret waterfall that only locals know about. It was beautiful. Rained on us most of the day, but it wasnít too bad and it wasnít too cold at least. Made it back to the hostel in the afternoon. Went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner and it was amazing. Could give any place in Texas a run for ...
  3. Day 48: Goodbye North Carolina

    Had an early start today since we have 16 miles to do. Today was an absolutely beautiful section of the trail. We went over several balds with gorgeous 360 views. It was windy, but in my puffy I was comfortable. Passed out of North Carolina for the last time which was exciting. 2 states down; 11 more to go. Made great time and was back at the hostel at 3pm. My legs were exhausted, but thankfully nothing hurt. Spent the rest of the evening vegging out in the hostel.
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  4. Day 47: Slack Pack SOBO from Carverís Gap

    Got to sleep in today. Only 6 miles from Carverís Gap back to Hughes Gap. Started the day with uphill. It was beautiful. Reminded me a lot of the smokies. At the top is Roan Mountain Shelter, the highest shelter on the AT. Itís nice, but too cold 🥶 to even consider. It was a nice downhill back to Hughes Gap. Luckily, the trail magic was still there and we had burgers again ☺️. The hostel picked us up and shuttled us back. On the way we stopped at the store and got steaks and the owners grilled ...
  5. Day 46: Cold, Wet and Windy

    Today was my worst day on trail so far. It started off well. Woke up in the shelter warm and dry after a night of rain. The rain stopped by the time we got moving, but it was still cloudy with the wind causing water to fall from the trees. Shortly after we got started it started to hail. It was not fun getting smacked in the face with pebble sized ice. Stopping and resting was not an option because the only thing keeping me warm from the wind was moving. Not Sure decided to get off at Iron Mountain ...
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