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  1. Stealth Camping

    Quote Originally Posted by Tron-Life View Post
    Before entering a National Forest, Wilderness Area or new state, there is usually a covered bulletin board that has the local regulations and other helpful information.

    As far as picking a spot, I think Another Kevin's 5 Ws guidelines are great but I wanted to add a thing or two.

    I try not to camp near water if I can help it. Starting at around 5 or so, or anytime I'm thinking of stopping, I look around and see where I am. Am I up high on a windy ridge? If so, I look
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  2. Travis McGee, John Muir, and me, still in Cedar Key 6

    The weather report this morning when we rose at 5:00 am called for 46 cool degrees. This is fairly typical this time of year in north coastal Florida. It's also a welcomed change from the warm, humid mornings we have been dealing with. Long pants made our five mile walk around the island a little more comfortable but as our cores heated up and we began to feel overdressed. In Florida the tenacity of a particular winter depends on how many times it is necessary to wear long pants. They'll be ...

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  3. Pennsylvania Hikers

    My name's Alex Peterson and I just joined this forum. Are there any people who live in Pennsylvania interested in doing a few short hiking trips this summer?
  4. Anxiety? Excitement? Satisfaction?

    I cant quite figure out how I'm feeling... kinda excited, kinda zen. My first grandbaby made her way into the world last Friday. I got to cuddle her and sing to her. I'm confident my daughter has motherhood under control and doesn't "need" me ... so tomorrow is the big day. As well as I planned everything out I've had a couple last minute gear issues ... kudos to REI for getting my order to be ready at the store nearest to MARTA in Atlanta on Friday morning... raspberries to Enlightened ...
  5. I'm going slower than I thought - but still enjoying everything

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    April 16 - Dropped at Springer Mtn (yes, I skipped the approoach trail...) 1 mile up, pics, 1 mile down. Only went as far as Stover Creek. Not enough cell signal to call in for church :-(
    April 17 - Great weather. Got water at Hawk Mtn Campsite at noon but didn't check for next water site so only got camelback full. I had to make it 7 more miles to Justus for water. Couple of college-looking kids took pity on me after 5 miles and gave me their water because ...

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