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  1. Nobo Thru-Hike Start Date Graph - and a plea

    Quote Originally Posted by Lauriep View Post
    Class of 2015:

    I've created a graph from the Appalachian Trail Conservancy's 2,000-miler database to show the starting dates of thru-hikers over a 5-year period.

    The data is compiled from northbounders who successfully completed their hikes and reported them to ATC from 2010-2014. It includes all of the finishers for the last 5 years (except for those who reported in the last few weeks). That number is almost exactly th[ATTACH]undefined[/ATTACH]e same as the number of
  2. The Journey Begins

    Hi All,

    Starting my through hike tomorrow (March 21st). I am thankful for this opportunity and look forward to the journey and what it has to offer.
  3. Approach trail

    Do Not Do - nothing like the beginning of the actual trail. First day was cold, wet, and rainy. The night was pretty much the same.

    Day two on the trail, however, was just the opposite of the first day. The weather was beautiful. The trail was still difficult but the beautiful surroundings were rewarding. Met a lot of nice people on the trail already-- both locals and hikers. Wonderful stories are being shared. Met a guy from New Zealand, a young couple who quit their jobs, one ...
  4. Woody's Gap

    After a zero day, I took back to the trail. Toes were fine the first 4 miles but then came the burning. I just hiked through it. The rain and fog kept me from seeing any sites on the trail -- it was just me and the trail. My next big test is Blood mountain, the highest mountain in Georgia. It was made for mountain goats.

    Headed up Blood Mountain and the views on top were fantastic and worth the hike. Headed down to Neels Gap to stay at the outfitter hostel. Everyone should ...
  5. Wimpy hike (Part 2)

    Thursday was going to be the day with maximum mileage, but it looked (and is) pretty flat once I got to Dismal Creek. What I didnít plan for was THIS day being the day when thunderstorms hit. Considering how dry the area has been for the last month, and how distracting the sun had been for the last three days; I didnít mind seeing clouds gathering, or hearing distant thunder. As the thunder grew louder, I knew I had to be prepared for the possibility of rain coming my way. When I saw a lightning ...
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