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  1. Oh boy I'm actually about to leave...(2-27-14)

    Well it has been crazy trying to get ready for my thru hike. My mind is in the right place (what ever that means) and my stuff is all sprawled out and I have checked it over and over again. My last item which was a water proof case for my camera came in the mail today which just completed my pack. I don't have the exact weight of my pack down yet but I'll probably do that tomorrow.

    It was really nice talking to my brother on the phone as well and hearing how sweet he thought my whole ...
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  2. My girlfriend's and mine blog

    If anyone wants to check out our blog and follow our journey and give us tips or advice please check out . thanks !!!! http://appalachiantrailthruhike2014.blogspot.com/
  3. Amicalola Falls

    I need to interrupt the chronology of our reports because I can't wait to tell everyone about today's adventure at Amicalola State Park near Dahlonega, GA. Because of the forced “easing up” I've been observing, this trip's activity level was reduced to nothing more than that of prologue to our hike to the Springer Mountain Terminus of the AT. As a great many AT thruhikers begin their journey at AFSP by passing through the archway and tackling the strenuous 8 mile AT Approach Trail, it seemed fitting ...

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  4. Mom and Me on the AT: "hike your own hike"

    So the blog post I was going to share here is entirely too long to post. I am just going to provide links to my blogger.com blog. Enjoy!

  5. A New Adventure and a New Life pt. 2

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    Over the course of prepping for this journey, I have come to realize that everyone has their reasons for making the decision to walk five million steps, willingly (WHAT?!). My story, while different from JB’s, sounds eerily similar to some I have heard recently. Bottom line…I need to find myself.

    As JB said, our story begins in Orlando, FL, where we met. I was running from a life in Indiana and decided to take a job in Florida for change. I had an ...
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