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  1. NEW! I am in need of sage wisdom, advice and guidance.

    Quote Originally Posted by NewHeart View Post
    I borrowed this from the net! (stole is such a nasty word) It weighs less than 30 grams! I use Heet as the fuel.
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  2. Planning Stage

    Have just about everything for gear. Looking at the planning stage now. My wife and son and his family will join me for a few weeks at different places on the route. Leaving late due to job, May 3.
  3. Second Prep Hike

    Went back out to the UWF Trails on Thursday and did 12.72 miles in 4 hours. Total prep miles: 22.99. Ditched the Salomans and wore my Brooks Pureflows instead. Much better comfort wise, and my feet didn't hurt afterwards.

    Using my IPhone again, this time I turned on the airplane mode, still ran the Endomondo app and went from 97% charged to 71% charged. Plan to buy and carry a portable charger.

    Bought my first piece of equipment; an REI Flash 45 backpack. It's a large ...
  4. First Prep Hike

    Yesterday I did 10.27 miles in 3 hours 28 minutes at the UWF Trail here in Pensacola. This was my first hike in preparation for the AT trip, and there will be plenty more. Wore some old Salomon XA Pro 3D Ultras that I've had for a few years and the soles are coming off. Will need to replace them. Feet were fine until the 9 mile mark when my toes started aching. Afterwards the ball of my feet also ached.

    Carried my IPhone 6 and while running the Endomondo app and checking FB several ...
  5. 5 days backpacking in Shenadoah: what would you recommend?

    Quote Originally Posted by Studlintsean View Post
    Disclaimer: I do not know Distances for this Hike but it could be pieced together with a Map

    I think you can link together these highlights using various trails:

    Start at Old Rag Parking area, hike Ridge Trail to Old Rag Summit, Continue on Berry Hollow Fire Road to White Oak Canyon Parking, take White Oak Canyon Trail to Lower and Upper white Oak Canyon Falls, Continue to Skyline Drive Day 1

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