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  1. Spirits up

    What a great weekend I had. My spirits are lifted once again and I am very excited. I wish I could leave tomorrow. I am so very ready for this hike in so many ways.

    I worked off some of my to do list here at the house.

    I am down to under a month for my departure date to leave from Maine to take the Amtrak to Georgia.

    I turned in my final notice at work this morning. I already did this once before but they told me they wanted it ...
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  2. Family visit

    I was in a slump last night. I am fine today. I think it comes from being too overwhelmed with everything going on in my life right now; being overtired sure did not help matters either.

    I am going to my parents today to visit. I want my mother to see my haircut; she has been on me about getting it cut since I started growing it long. I can now show here that my hair is short again and she can relax. My sisters will be my parents too and I want to see her. We were at each others ...
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  3. Countdown: 26 days to GA->WV '10

    New PRW post:

    I've already booked a bunk for the first hostel on the NoBo AT: Hiker Hostel, near Dahlonega, Georgia.

    For $70 you get the thru-hiker special: Shuttle from the airport/train or bus station in Atlanta, stay overnight, breakfast and a shuttle to the beginning of the AT.

    Look soon for a "What's ahead in Georgia"-type post.
  4. Tattoo

    Well, I did it. I got my tattoo and a haircut. I dont feel like a new man though. My friend told me that I would be a new man. I still feel the same, old.

    I went to Brunswick today and hooked up with Shiloh, a WhiteBlaze member. Shiloh thru hiked in 2008. We sat and talked for 2 hours. It was great to see his eye light up when he talked about his thru hike. I know I will feel the same way when I tell my tale of my thru hike. He showed me many of his photos from his hike. ...
    2010 Pre Hike blogs
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  5. Springer Mountain countdown: 27 days

    It's a month to go for my GA->WV '10 hike. I anticipate beginning the hike on March 10.

    I'll be traveling by Amtrak March 8 from DC to ATL.

    I started this blog mostly as a way to link to the hiking community here at Whiteblaze, which I discovered in person at a hiker feed in Monson, ME at the end of my WV->ME '09 hike.

    My real blog is here. I'll be looking to share posts between the two platforms, as well as twitter, trailjournals etc. Hopefully it's ...