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  1. Pine Grove Furnace to Port Clinton

    by , 11-15-2016 at 10:47 (Katahdin to Kakadjo Road ME October 3-9, 2018 din)
    10/29-11/4 2009

    PA Pine Grove Furnace to Port Clinton

    with Bruce and Caras

    Took car to Port Clinton and ported back to Pine Grove Furnace 10/29 Started at mile N 1084 Pine Grove Furnace.and hiked 15 miles to Alec Kennedy Shelter. This was a fast flat hike in dense woods and no rocks. 10/30 Hiked over I-81 thru farmland and to Boiling Springs for early lunch at gas station close to clock tower. Saw a beautiful boxer at the pavilion next ...
  2. Harpers Ferry to Pinegrove Furnace

    by , 11-15-2016 at 10:45 (Katahdin to Kakadjo Road ME October 3-9, 2018 din)
    PA Pine Grove Furnace to Harpers Ferry WV through MD


    10/11 Hike 14 miles Big Pine Flat Ridge near Methodist Hill; water at Piney Spring 10/12 Hike thru Caledonia SP: water in restroom and ate lunch Hike 17 miles to Rocky Mtn. Shelter 10/13 Hiked 26 miles to Pogo Campsite/Black Rock Rd passing High Rock a viewing area highly graffitied. During the hike we heard many gun shots from nearby Fort Ritchie military reservation. 10/14 Hiked 16 miles ...
  3. Manassas Gap to Snickers Gap

    by , 11-15-2016 at 10:43 (Katahdin to Kakadjo Road ME October 3-9, 2018 din)
    June 26-29/2008

    VA Manassas Gap to Snickers Gap

    With Rob and Steve Montgomery and Stan ...before wedding!

    Mile 971 6/26 Hiked 10 miles to Sky Meadows to eat a fantastic lunch whereupon I broke my MSR Mini Water filter on the stone patio.Mile 987 Hiked to Rod Hallow Shelter passing by Ashly Gap at mile 983. Had a piped spring for water. 6/27 Hiked the infamous Roller Coaster to mile 997 Snickers Gap passing by Bear Den Hostel at mile 996.
  4. Thornton Gap to Harpers Ferry

    by , 11-15-2016 at 10:38 (Katahdin to Kakadjo Road ME October 3-9, 2018 din)

    Thornton Gap/Panorama to Snickers Gap

    with Donnie and Don Martin
    935 mile marker
    9:35 Hiked to mile 945 to Free Range Cabin Camp Site; tented in field with close by water and Cabin table to eat at!
    Nice Views east arrived at 5:48 and rained overnight.
    3/18 Hiked Little Hog Back to observation area. Took pic at Gravel Springs Gap trailhead. Hiked to Tom Floyd Shelter 3/19 Hiked 4 miles to Route 55 at lake dam and waited ...
  5. Blackrock to Swift Run Gap

    by , 11-15-2016 at 10:34 (Katahdin to Kakadjo Road ME October 3-9, 2018 din)
    7/26-28 2010

    VA Blackrock to Swift Run Gap

    with Montgomery.

    Started at mile 1307.4 Started at 11am and hiked 9 miles to Loft Mountain Campground which had potable water! Got trail magic on the trail within first 2 miles. Hot dogs and beer.7/27/2010 Hiked 6 miles to Pinefield Hut in an up and down gradual descent walking past a spring on the way. Had lunch at Pinefield and hiked 10 miles to Hightop arriving at dusk. Talked to some young ...
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