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  1. Lessons that may help on the A.T.

    Were sunk

    Went home for the Memorial Day weekend. Home is Tallahassee and the panhandle of FL. From reading thru the blogs, many of the lessons the A.T. teaches are lessons Im already familiar with and try to practice even at work.

    Had a pretty good trip even if it was ...
  2. Adding miles when I get the chance

    I started 2015 with some hope that Id be able to get some miles both in Southwest VA and in the Whites. However, because I make a real effort to avoid walking for more than two days (out of five) in the rain, I always check weather forecasts to ensure that the area, in which I plan to hike, will be acceptably rain-free. Sadly, I just didnt get a lot of weeks like that for the two areas Id like to hike in leading to significantly fewer hiking miles than I would have preferred. Thus, upon seeing ...
  3. Video - Descent down the Jewell Trail from Lakes of the Clouds Hut

    This is the second video of our Mount Washington hike, showing the descent down from Lakes of the Clouds Hut. We took the Crawford, Westside, Gulfside, and Jewell Trails down to the Ammonoosuc trailhead parking.

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  4. Best blog of 2015

  5. Fontana to Davenport in November

    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Bluebird View Post
    I agree with all the comments regarding safety! That is why I floated the post in the first place. I wanted the experts' advice and that is exactly what I am getting. I wish I could go now, but heading to New York and Vermont next week and then back for a 4 week teaching assignment in Kentucky. Just to clear one thing, the boys 27 and 25 have spent quite a few days on the AT and in the Daniel Boone National Forest. However, my wife is a tough cookie, but I do not want to risk her health and