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  1. Gear

    I am looking at the REI flash 65 or 50 for a backpack. I also am looking at several gortex paclite jackets including the Mountain Hardware Typhoon, OR Foray, and the North Face Meru. I'll need some new trail shoes; haven't researched that yet although Merrells have worked great in the past for me as far a durability and fit goes. Haven't at all thought about water purification. I will probably post a thread about that as soon a I figure out how.
  2. Early Planning Stages

    Starting in Harper's Ferry, WV on June 6th.
    Hoping to meet a lot of good people along the way, as I am hiking alone. Hopefully this will put me in the main NOBO group that started in March/April.

    Planning on finishing the first half of my flip flop in late August or very early September, as I have a wedding to be at in TN on September 4th.

    Mid September I will start back on the trail from Harper's Ferry, WV going south to Springer. I am really looking forward ...
  3. anyone interest in hiking from fontana dam!!!

    Around May 1st I am planning on hiking from Fontana Dam to highway 76. 100 miles give or take. I only hike 6-12 miles per day. I am a scenery hiker. Like to camp anywere between shelters near water. no animals!
  4. About My Hope for a 2011 Thru-Hike

    So I just noticed that there's a blog feature on here. I keep a regular blogger blog, but was thinking I'd keep one about my preparation for my hoped 2011 thru-hike.
    I've been thinking about it, and these are the different areas needing focus in the next year of preparation:

    • Get my fitness level up.
    • Education.
    • Getting Sophie (my dog) in trail condition.
    • Acquiring (and choosing) gear.
    • Get the money.
    • Prepping my body/mindset.
    • Spiritual discipline and keeping my focus
  5. Right around the corner

    15 days until Springer meets Red Cross.
    Hope Springer is ready for me.