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  1. N2TW: Appalachian Trail 2013 - Episode #16 (A Walk for Liberty and Freedom)

    If you are not into politics, please move past this video. I do not post this to offend anyone, just simply give another MOTIVATION for my walk…FREEDOM….2,200 miles just because we CAN and are FREE to do so. If this video causes you to no longer follow our journey, I apologize, but I believe in keeping it 100% real at all times. http://[email protected]/
  2. Filling in some gaps -- in agonizing detail

    One problem with doing all 2100 miles of the A.T. via day trips and section hikes is that it is easy to miss a few miles here and there. If the trail consists of points A-B-C-D, and hiking is easy to arrange between points A & B and between points C & D, then it is almost inevitable that the miles between point B & C will be forgotten. That is what I found for the 21.5 miles between the Warwick Turnpike near Wawayanda State Park and Highway 17 near Southfields. The latter was where I ...

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  3. First Post

    Preaty excited! only 3 weeks now till Kataden. Got all my gear. finishing up home activities. defenetly excited!
  4. may 18th

    Im up and out May 18th , WV,MD,PA to Maine/ .
    Starting anywhere between Harpersferry and Mount Holly Springs. ( south mountain area)
    Have yet to decide on my drop off location... otherwise Im squared away, beisde the fact my guidebook is a outdated.
    (gave away last years ATC guide book to a German thru hiker I met who had somehow lost his..)

    I think im just going to go hard, stay away from the money pit hostles, to many bad experiances.
    In the ...
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