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  1. My vegvisir didn't seem to help!

    For those asking the obvious question, “What the heck is a vegvisir?”, here’s your answer:
    Note the words in the article: “it is written that this symbol would help its wearer to not get lost.”

    Although I’ve been fascinated by Viking explorers for almost sixty years, I had never heard of this talisman until our visit to Iceland earlier this summer. When I found I could get ...
  2. AT Section Hike of GA complete!

    Play List: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL...l5QRN-rC39oVpA
    Just finished the AT in GA from Springer to Bly over the holiday week. Was very muggy and humid which made for a sweaty trip. Definitely worth it though…GA was far more beautiful than I anticipated. By the end of the week I even had a tramily, which I greatly miss right now. I tried daily videos, which went ok other than the uploading part, lol.
  3. Old Orchard Shelter to Hurricane Mountain Shelter – Views at Scales

    This was a wonderful hike to extend my AT section miles North from where we left off at the Scales Campground near Grayson Highlands last Fall. I parked at the Fox Creek trailhead parking on VA 603 and hiked South up past the Old Orchard Shelter and to where the trail meets the Pine Mountain Trail. I took a little time and enjoyed the fantastic views a little farther South and then returned North to the Old Orchard Shelter. It was very windy and ...
  4. shoes storage poll: in tent, vestibule or tarp, bag, shelter

    Quote Originally Posted by gpburdelljr View Post
    Everyone must be extremely bored to be endlessly discussing where to put your boots at night.
    Thid could be more important than the boots vs shoes debate.
  5. Bobblets Gap Shelter – Buzzard Rock Sunset at Whitetop Mountain – AT VA

    This was a two day, two night hike to fill in gaps between Jennings Creek @ AT Mile 758.5 to Bryant Ridge Shelter @ AT Mile 762.3, Bearwallow Gap @ AT Mile 751.9 to Bobblets Gap Shelter @ AT Mile 748.9, and Whitetop Road @ AT Mile 492.5 to Elk Garden @ AT Mile 494.9. The trail between Jennings Creek and Bryant Ridge Shelter is pretty plain with not many views. On this trip I skipped the section between Jennings Creek and Bearwallow Gap because the ...
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