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  1. July 20, 2021, Vernon, NJ

    Saw my third bear yesterday. TwoKnee spotted it. It slowly walked in a semi circle around us before moving on.

    Stayed at a great shelter called Secret Shelter or Jim Murray's Shelter. It is on private property owned by Jim Murray. It is fully enclosed, not your typical three sided shelter. Also had electricity and a fan inside. We got our devices all charged fully.

    There is a donkey that lives on the property. Nicely tempered and friendly. TwoKnee brushed it and I ...
  2. July 18, 2021 Delaware Water Gap and New Jersey

    Today we crossed the Delaware River and walked into New Jersey.

    We stayed last night in the Church of the Mountains Hostel. It was extremely hot inside and also extremely crowded. We got a bed luckily. All of the beds ended up being taken and there were many other people sleeping on the couches and on the floor. Had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and crawled over many bodies in the dark to reach it.

    Was so glad to leave PA. Much of the northern part ...
  3. July 16, 2021, Lehigh Gap

    Margaret dropped us off early this morning at Lehigh Gap to begin our trek up the mountain. Thanks again Margaret!!

    The climb was challenging but not the nightmare I had pictured in my head. Loads of rocks and several climbs where we had to throw our trekking poles up over the rocks so we could use both hands to climb. Took us about an hour to reach the top (less than a mile).

    The view was spectacular!

    We ended up walking 16.1 miles today. Not bad for ...
  4. July 15, 2021

    We are zeroing today in Jim Thorpe, PA, courtesy of Margaret White and Charley Sproule, both of whom I worked with at Adelphoi back in the day. Charlie and Margaret were married in Jim Thorpe a number of years ago. One of the nicest weddings I ever attended. Theresa and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Jim Thorpe used to be called Mauch Chunk in the 1800's and early 1900s and was the place of coal miner unrest. A movie staring Sean Connery was made in the 1970s telling the story. A number of Irish Coal ...
  5. July 11, 2021, Port Clinton

    Met TwoKnee in Port Clinton at the Pavillion, which is owned by a local church. It is open for hikers to stay there, though not all the neighbors there are crazy about that. One neighbor has a sign on their garage next door to the Pavilion that reads "Hikers not welcome." The Pavilion is at mile 1219.8.

    Russ Davies cousin is meeting us there with a package that was mailed to his address that contains a new pair of boots and a sleeping pad for TwoKnees. Russ's cousin is Dave ...
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