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  1. Mom and Me on the AT: Hiking in Peru

    I am posting the link to my AT blog. I recently finished the Inca Trail as part of a "training hike" gearing up for my time on the AT!
  2. Info on the App

    Appalachian Trail
    Length Approx. 2181 mi (3510 km)a
    Location Appalachian Mountains
    Trailheads Springer Mountain, Georgia
    Mount Katahdin, Maine
    Use Hiking
    Elevation Change 515,000 ft (156,972 m)
    Highest point Clingmans Dome 6643 ft
    Lowest point Hudson River 124 ft
    Trail difficulty Moderate to strenuous
    Season Spring to Fall
    Sights Appalachian Mountains
    Hazards: Severe weather
    American Black Bear
    Tick-borne ...